Raw footage of the Dearborn welcome.

I do think this should be known as the ‘Dearborn Welcome’. Whenever a group of peaceful dissenters arrive somewhere and groups of mustards start throwing bottles, stones and eggs etc. at them. The Dearborn Welcome. I suspect it will catch on.

I must say I do like the pigs head. I wish he had a wheel of Brie on another stick in his other hand though.

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9 Replies to “Raw footage of the Dearborn welcome.”

  1. That cop in white was afraid of those he was ‘protecting’ that was clear.

    The police didn’t arrest any of those committing assault & battery. The guys should have picked out at least one of the attackers and pressed charges.

    The throwing of the brick is assault and battery with the use of a deadly weapon.

  2. I understand the body language of those cops, I’ve seen it before in Australia, its the inverse of Missisippi Burning.
    It’s obvious that most of the cops have been infected and the “muzzie youth” were “let loose” on the Christians.
    Circle the wagons.

  3. There are several reason why i am not an Abrahamist (Christian, Jew or Muslim).

    1. Prayer – i belief that prayer is spontaneous and in the moment, and is also upright and empowered.

    2. Evolution and Chaos – i think a chaotic, changing and ancient universe comes closest to the true nature of God, God is becoming and not being.

    3. God is not a creator – he is, therefor we are. We flow from him and at death we flow back to him.

    4. Love – God is only loving in that he accepts all and all flows from him and that he moves all, love on this earth flows from God though Angels, Saints or Parents to the person who requires it – never directly from God to someone else.

    5. God is watery – he is rainy, stormy and like a lake or an ocean, like a cold shower, like a deep dive and like a thunderstorm. God is fluidlike and cold and icy.

  4. Bobbejane says:

    What god is. Sounds like you should start up your own on line religion.

    My view is simpler then that. Anything is acceptable except evil.

  5. @ Columnist Most muslims do not understand the koran because they can’t read arabic or just can’t read period.

  6. @OxAO

    I am actually refusing to treat any of my religious believes seriously, until i get a vision, or hear voices.

    Though i rather not hear voices since that would make me similar to a certain crazy madman in a cave, who hallucinated that an “angel” spoke to him.


    You have my total good will.

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