All Queensway, 417 ramps into downtown Ottawa are closed. State thugs litter the streets of the area as far as 2 miles from downtown, arrests underway

It appears that Trudeau will have his little power tantrum tonight. At midnight, they are going to start checking ID.

Small sample of how scummy CBC is

A little reminder of what the Ambassador from India had to say about Trudeau’s response to the protest



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    • I wouldn’t say that ‘Canadians made their choice… ……three times in a row’. Their 2015 election saw the Liberal Party of Canada rule with a mandate from 26.77% of their electorate; 2019 saw the Liberal Party shed almost a million votes, reducing their mandate to 21.99% of electorate; and 2021 saw them shed almost half a million more votes, and they now rule courtesy of 20.3% of the Canadian electorate.

      Such is the nature of democracy: a failure even on its most basic terms, the warnings of de Tocqueville and Mill against the ‘tyranny of the majority’ rendered largely superfluous as nearly all democratic balloting results in the triumph of the minority. Democracy is no more than the institutionalisation of minority rule.

  1. CBC – Frustrated Ottawa residents, businesses suing protest organizers for $300M

    After weeks of disruption, Ottawa residents and business owners are growing increasingly frustrated, and some are so fed up they’ve joined a proposed class-action lawsuit against protest convoy organizers seeking more than $300 million in damages.

  2. CBC – What could happen to children of arrested Ottawa protesters?

    Child protection defence lawyer Deanna Paolucci discusses what could happen to the children of protesters in Ottawa who get arrested

  3. CBC – Some businesses to keep using vaccine passports after mandates end

    As provinces end mandates for proof of COVID-19 vaccination, some businesses are ready for a return to normalcy, but others say they plan to continue checking vaccine passports anyway.

    • NYT – Police Begin Arresting Protest Organizers in Canada

      Tamara Lich, one of the leaders of the demonstration, was arrested on Thursday night, after promises from police officials of an “imminent” clampdown on the occupation.

      […]Ms. Lich has emerged as the public face and the most visible leader of the trucker convoy against pandemic restrictions. She is a former fitness instructor, who has worked in the energy sector and sung and played guitar in a band called “Blind Monday” in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She was also a senior member of a splinter party that advocated for Canada’s Western provinces to secede from the country.

      Throughout the protests, Ms. Lich, who speaks publicly in measured tones, has become adept at deploying social media — and her Twitter feed — to amplify the protesters’ grievances.


      FEB 04 2022 – OTTAWA CITIZEN – Who is Tamara Lich — the ‘spark that lit the fire’

      Lich resigned from the Maverick Party this week to devote herself full time to the “Freedom Convoy” protest.

      The woman organizers describe as “the spark that lit the fire” of the truck convoy protest that has occupied downtown Ottawa is a former energy industry worker and a leader within the “Wexit” movement pushing for the independence of western provinces.

      […]Lich was also involved with the Canadian “Yellow Vest” protests and the smaller “United We Roll” truckers’ protest convoy of 2019.

      The Saskatchewan native was living in Medicine Hat when she became politically active three years ago with Wexit, which later merged into the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

      When Lich and her husband moved to Manitoba, she left Wildrose and joined the fringe and fledgling Maverick Party as an original member of its governing council.

      Lich resigned from Maverick this week to devote herself full time to the “Freedom Convoy” protest.

      […]Lich cited the Liberal government’s Bill C-48, which banned oil tankers in northern B.C. waters, and Bill-69, the “no more pipelines” law as particularly unfair.

      […]But Lich is also on the radar of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which has flagged her association with the “Yellow Vest” movement and her support of the anti-Muslim Clarion Project.

      “I wouldn’t say she was a major player,” CAHN executive director Evan Balgord said Thursday. “But she’s in the far-right ecosystem.”

      Speaking to reporters Thursday, Lich said negative portrayals of the protesters are wrong.

      “The reality is that members of this freedom movement are average, peace-loving and law-abiding citizens from all walks of life who are fed up with being bullied by our government,” she said.

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