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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson update on the India-China conflict”

  1. That analysis is interesting, given what all of the Indian media sources I access are highly supportive of the buildup on the border a short cross border operation makes sense.

    The Russians are among the worlds best at winterizing their equipment and given Putins anger at Xi for sending the Wuhan Flu to Russia might be willing to let Russian “Civilian” experts ensure the Indian equipment is ready and advise on the operation.

    One thing India has to be careful about is the big barrel on the backs of the T72 tanks that they have, those barrels are the unarmored fuel supply of the T72 Tanks. The more modern T9o tanks have internal armored fuel tanks. With the T72 Tanks you let them roll over your position and they shoot into the fuel supply sending fuel running down on the top of the hot engine, then fire a tracer round in to ignite the fuel. I don’t remember if the T72 uses gas or diesel. This unarmored fuel supply is a design flaw brought about by the Russians attitude that they will always be the ones attacking and never the ones retreating. I use to know a man who served in the 101 in Nam who could go on for a long time on how to take out all of the (then current) Russian equipment.

    Remember that the Indian troops are for the most part from Mountain regions and have spend enough time to become use to the altitude. They are also blooded troops from the fighting in the Kashmir region while the Chinese are unblooded troops (combat virgins) who are just becoming use to the altitude. India spends its training time learning to be good soldiers and warriors, the Chinese spend abut half of their training time learning to be good communists. If India makes a cross border incursion my money is on them winning.

  2. I think one reason India is so good on Jingoism is the history of so many small independent nations that fought each other until the Brits colonized them and made them one country. Their independence is still a short time ago and they are working hard to remain as one large country. This combined with the way they are a group of First World cities surrounded by a Third World nation makes it important that they keep the people supporting the Indian Government.

    Something to add to the equation of whether India will cross the border is the mess with the rape and death of the 19 year old Untouchable woman and the higher caste police covering up the rape and cremating the body before a real investigation can be held. Here a cross border incursion (foreign adventure) painted as teaching China (The Paper Dragon) a lesson would by time for the rape to disappear down the memory hole.

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