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4 Replies to “Muslim mob attacks wedding party, town and temple in India”

  1. Sounds like a rent-a-thug mob. Very common in Pakistan, there’s a Vice video on that.

    They probably use such tactics in India too.

  2. The Washington Post and the NY-times will once again turn the truth on its head and present the muslims as the victims.
    It’s so blatantly evident that the 3 muslim countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangla Desh (who’s immigration process will not be accelerated) constantly persecute, humiliate and kill members of the religious minorities in their territory.
    Instead of being ashamed that all the other religious groups have to flee from their barbaric cultures THEY DARE TO MAKE A FUSS about not getting accelerated visas themselves. The main reason for their frustration is because thus they can’t increase their numbers fast enough to influence social and political evolution in their favour,
    Each and every muslim protester should be getting a 2 strikes warning with the 3rd strike resulting in a permanent expulsion into a muslim country of his choice.

  3. I think India serves as the greatest warning of all because India demonstrates to the world the terrible results of allowing a sizeable Muslim population to grow inside your own country. How much of the poverty and backwardness of India is the result of having the cancer of Islam eating away at their country for a thousand years plus? They took Pakistan and now they have become so numerous again withing the Indian borders that they will soon be screaming for another “Homeland” that they’ll call “Pakistan II…”. The ultimate goal of Islam is always genocide. They may rob and abuse you for a few years first, but just tell me how many Jews there are in Saudi Arabia and see your own future when Muhammad comes to town…

  4. The religious war is spreading and the useful idiots i n the west are sticking their fingers and their ears, shutting their eyes and singing la la la to avoid seeing the evidence that proves them wrong.

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