Putin’s speech yesterday

First, Dr. Steve Turley does his analysis of Putin’s speech and actions within that speech yesterday:

Below is the entire speech with a live, real-time English translation voice over. I asked our long standing Russian translator to check it and she said it was honest, but sloppy and lacked nuance as all live voiceover translations do. But you get the gist.

Below, English subtitles. It may be a better translation


Russia takes more militant stance on it’s war with Ukraine

This report is more spin than fact. But what isn’t in war time. More will be posted as it becomes available. But it isn’t good whatever view you get. This discussion on a referendum in Donbas is ludicrous. It needs to be looked into if the people of the Donbas actually held a referendum before the invasion, or if this is something the people of the Donbas actually want. In any case, here is a report on today’s announcement by Putin and we will post more as we get it. Hopefully we can find a factual one which details just what Putin said and you can make up your own minds.

(As soon as I can find a straight forward video that explains what Putin actually said, I will post it at the top. [Done] Meanwhile here are people interpreting it and its meaning for us all. As annoying as that is in the absence of knowing what he actually said.)

Executive Order on partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation

The President signed Executive Order On Declaring Partial Mobilisation in the Russian Federation.

As per federal laws No. 61-FZ On Defence, dated May 31, 1996, and No. 31-FZ On Mobilisation Preparations and Mobilisation in the Russian Federation, dated February 26, 1997, and Federal Law No. 53-FZ On the Military Duty and Military Service, dated March 28, 1998, the President declared a partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation as of September 21, 2022.

The Executive Order provides for calling up citizens of the Russian Federation for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of the mobilisation effort. Citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service as part of mobilisation will enjoy the status of military personnel serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under contract.

The Executive Order sets forth money allowances for the citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service as part of mobilisation, as well as the duration of the military service contracts signed by the military personnel, grounds for discharging military personnel serving under contract, as well as citizens called up for military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of mobilisation.

Corresponding instructions have been issued to the Government of the Russian Federation and top government officials in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Under the Executive Order, citizens of the Russian Federation employed by defence companies will benefit from an exemption from the mobilisation draft for the period of their employment by these organisations. The Government of the Russian Federation shall define the categories of citizens of the Russian Federation who have the right to draft exemptions and the manner in which these exemptions shall be provided.


UPDATE: Thank you JU for posting this


Serbian president says Kosovars are planning military operation against Serbian minority living in northern Kosovo”

Going to post what I have, but most of it is untranslated. As we know more, we will update. There is already materials in the Reader’s Links on this. Publishing now, but check back every now and again.

Here is an FDesouche link:

Serbia: President Vu?i? on the situation in Kosovo: “We want peace but I tell you right now: there will be no surrender & Serbia will win if they try to start persecuting Serbs, intimidating the Serbs, to kill the Serbs, Serbia will win.”

This Twitter thread seems to have more.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said shots were fired at local police & blamed ‘rebel elements controlled by the Serbian government in the north’ & also urged caution over misinformation.

NATO statement on tensions

One suspects we may hear this on Serbian radio a lot in the next little while.

Canada, and the West is so Orwellian/communist at this time, it is difficult to write anything true about anything important. But maybe this will fly if I can find it. We did an interview with brad Johnson about the real motives of the Christchurch Mosque militant. It may be directly related.

Army lecture on information warfare

This is interesting. It is from this channel:

Just to tie a few things together, it becomes increasingly evident that aspects of the Democrat party are engaged in information warfare at many levels against us, we the people. And even taking pages right out of George Orwell, who of course just took pages right out of Karl Marx and his disciples.

This week, Wikipedia has frantically been redefining the definition of ‘recession’ in order to be in line with whoever writes the scripts for Joe Biden. They have been engaging in no less than Winston Smith levels of historical revisionism in order to force government policy at the expense of reality. And when you turn your back on reality, that itself carries an extremely high cost. Often death.

Just at the moment, this is what Wikipedia defines recession as:

So now the US has its own definition to better fit whatever Joe Biden was told to say, or whatever he may have accidentally said.

Tonight’s Tucker Carlson LIVE just to prove the point:


Ukrainian aircraft fireballs into ground with tons of explosives for BANGLADESH?


[…]A group of Americans in Kavala to examine Antonov weapons
( an to lead the investigation )

The move by the Americans to send on-site experts to Antonov reinforces suspicions of smuggling.



[…]the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Response Company was sent from Athens to determine the white powder that is scattered around the accident area.



[…] all the members of the crew of the aircraft were of Ukrainian origin.




???????? Antonov: ??????????? ??? ? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ??????????


…]it has been confirmed that there are no radioactive or biological-chemical substances in it.



According to the information, the Antonov was carrying the following ammunition:

60mm M62 mortar training rounds,

82mm M62 mortar training rounds and

82mm M67 mortar flares.



A VERY mysterious plane crash in Greece. Greek Nuclear authorities are onsite now

Cargo plane operated by Ukrainian airline crashes in Greece

An Antonov cargo plane operated by a Ukrainian airline crashed Saturday near the city of Kavala in northern Greece, authorities said. Local residents reported seeing a fireball and hearing explosions for two hours after the crash.

Greek Civil Aviation authorities said the flight was heading from Serbia to Jordan. The An-12, a Soviet-built turboprop aircraft, was operated by cargo carrier Meridian.

Greek media reported there were eight people on the plane and that it was carrying 12 tons of “dangerous materials,” mostly explosives. But local officials said they had no specific information on the cargo and provided varying numbers of people on board. […]

Locals reported seeing a fireball and a plume of smoke before the crash.

ERT reported that army and explosive experts were en route to the site, located on farmland close to two villages that are part of the Paggaio municipality. But they are not expected to start working before dawn. Experts from Greece’s Atomic Energy Commission will join them.

Plane carrying munitions crashes in Greece killing all onboard

A large cargo aircraft transporting munitions from Serbia to Bangladesh has crashed and exploded in a ball of flames in northern Greece, killing all eight crew onboard.

Serbia’s defence minister, Nebojša Stefanovi?, said the plane was carrying 11.5 tonnes of military products, including illuminating mortar shells and training shells, and the buyer was the Bangladesh defence ministry.

Greek authorities said there were eight crew members onboard. A Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman said they were all Ukrainian citizens.

Witness reports suggested the Antonov An-12 plane caught fire while still in the air and that they had heard explosions as it flew over the area on Saturday night, Athens News Agency reported. Greek authorities said the pilot had made an emergency call before crashing.


(Love to know what Y’all think of this.)

Duelling propaganda and a threat to Hungary either way

Someone attempted to blow up a pipeline that brings oil to Hungary. This was done within Russian territory.

First, from Ukrainian propaganda:

Russia tried to blow up Druzhba pipeline, there were three explosions – the media


Russian media write that on 11 June, three explosions took place near the village of Gulivka in the Bryansk region (40 km to the border with Ukraine). At the same time a signal indicated loss of communication with the latch of the Druzhba pipeline.

Source:Meduza with reference to the [Russian Internet media] Baza

Details: It is reported that one of the explosions damaged the transformer substation with the power unit of the pipeline latch.

Another explosion occurred in the place where the cable was laid. There was a shell hole [measuring] 40 by 20 cm.

Russian propaganda:

Druzhba oil pipeline attacked in Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine – The Moscow Times

Unknown people tried to blow up the Druzhba oil pipeline in the Bryansk region, 40 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Every fifth barrel of Russian oil exports is pumped along this route to Europe, Baza reports.

According to the Telegram channel, the incident occurred near the village of Gulevka early in the morning on Saturday, June 11. Three explosions thundered there, after which a signal was triggered about the loss of communication with the pipeline valve.

As a result, the electrical substation, protective mechanisms, cable and anti-dig pipe were damaged. The oil pipeline itself was not damaged and continues to operate.

According to the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, sabotage groups allegedly constantly penetrate into the region from the side of Ukraine and mine various objects.

“At the end of May, six border guards were killed in a battle with a sabotage group in the Bryansk region. Last night, saboteurs planted explosive devices under the Druzhba oil pipeline, the publication says.

At the end of April, in the Bryansk region, two large oil depots burned down overnight. One of them is a storage facility with a capacity of 10 thousand tons, which is part of the Druzhba pipeline system. Rescuers from seven regions had to put out fires for seven hours. Presumably, the attack was carried out from drones.

(I guess, look at the bright side? CBC, Global News, CTV, CNN and a plethora of other professional news sites sell certainty, nearly all lies but certainty for a decent price. We offer uncertainty for free!)

Hungary Vs Ukraine. A curious side effect of the war

The past week or so have seen some remarkable and truly dangerous escalations and potential expansions in the war so far limited to Russia and its annexation of  the Donbas region of Ukraine.

The situation is fluid and ongoing and cannot be fully understood at this time. But a timeline can be described in terms of the salient events.

First, as RAIR reported on May 15th, the newly elected conservative Prime Minister of Hungary, who just enjoyed his fifth consecutive electoral victory by a large margin, made a public statement about refusing to accept all of the various European Union demands in terms of embargoes and other measures intended to punish Russia, as he felt those measures represent an existential threat to Hungary and the Hungarian economy. he did however, offer to take in as many Ukrainian refugees as needed and has taken more than many other European nations combined as a portion of their population.

The following report was made on May 15th, 2022 by RAIR Foundation.

In the following video, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about where he draws the line on sanctions against Russia. He makes it clear that an energy embargo is off-limits because of the damage it would do to the Hungarian economy.

Then, on Tuesday May 24th at Midnight, PM Orban put Hungary on a war footing, effectively declaring martial law. He did specify though, that this was in response to what he felt was an economic threat. Potentially from the EU itself:

As of May 27th, several new developments. Here are two reports on a Ukrainian threat to cut off an oil pipeline to Hungary originating in Russia. One from Ukrainian news and first, one from Russian news site, Sputnik.

Ukraine Warns ‘Something Should Happen’ to Pipeline Delivering Russian Oil to Hungary

Budapest has spent weeks shooting down proposals by Brussels to ban Russian oil and gas in the European Union, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban warning that an embargo on Russian oil would be tantamount to “dropping an atomic bomb” on the Hungarian economy. Hungary purchases about 65 percent of its oil and 85 percent of its gas from Russia.
Kiev should make “something happen” to the Druzhba (“Friendship”) pipeline carrying Russian oil through Ukraine to Hungary to teach Budapest a lesson, Lana Zerkal, an adviser to Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko, has suggested.

From Ukrainian news site, Ukrinform:

Hungary has taken advantage of Russia’s war against Ukraine, actually blackmailing the European Union, but Ukraine has something to respond with.
The relevant statement was made by Advisor to Ukrainian Energy Minister Olena Zerkal during the Kyiv Security Forum, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to Zerkal, Hungary’s appetites for EU funds are growing every day.

“They decided that their finest hour had come, when they could demand anything, so as not to destroy the European unity,” Zerkal said.

She expressed regret that Hungary had been allowed to do so.

“In fact, the European Commission had to change its policy and allow for investments, the use of European funds even to build a new oil pipeline, not to mention the re-equipment of oil refineries,” Zerkal noted.

In her words, they are also receiving all funds frozen under other programs.

The two news sites report the same issue but with distinctly different timbres.

Hungary has now issued a new policy. Hungary, they assert, will not vote in favour of the Brussels Oil Embargo proposal, to boycott Russian oil for the entirety of the European Union.

Should Ukraine make good on its threat to block energy to Hungary, it would represent the most serious threat to the EU since BREXIT, as Hungary would face a decision to either shoot itself in the left foot by joining a boycott that would cripple and nearly kill its economy, or shoot itself in the right by finding itself in a potential kinetic war with Ukraine alongside Russia. Of course there is always a third and usually fourth option. But these two are the most obvious.


Hungary has “indefinitely” cut off its supply of natural gas to Ukraine, a move that Kiev’s state gas firm has described as “unexpected and unexplained.”

Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency cites Hungary’s gas operator, FGSZ Ltd., saying that the pipeline cutoff “was made to meet the growing domestic demand.”

However, The Financial Times notes that the gas was shut off “days after the head of Russia’s Gazprom monopoly visited Budapest.” FGSZ’s move comes three days after Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest.

It is noteworthy that nowhere in the NPR article do they mention the threat by Ukraine to cut off the energy pipeline from Russia to Hungary, which is linked above, both from Ukrainian and Russian news.


Ukrainian president, Zelenskyy questions why any European nation should have the autonomy to make descisions in their own interests. Presumably meaning not in his.


Euronews: Orbán blasts allegations he’s ‘Putin’s puppet’

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 17th, 2022

1. Reuters: Ukrainian force begins evacuating from last Mariupol stronghold

KYIV/MARIUPOL, Ukraine, May 16 (Reuters) – Troops holed up in the last Ukrainian stronghold in the besieged port of Mariupol began evacuating on Monday, appearing to cede control of the once prosperous city to Russia after months of bombardment.

Ukraine’s deputy defence minister said 53 injured troops from the Azovstal steelworks were taken to a hospital in the Russian-controlled town of Novoazovsk, some 32 kilometres (20 miles) to the east.

Another 211 people were taken to the town of Olenivka, in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatists, Deputy Defence Minister Anna Malyar said. All of the evacuees will be subject to a potential prisoner exchange with Russia, she added.

2.  BBC: Mariupol: Hundreds of besieged Ukrainian soldiers evacuated

Ukraine has confirmed that hundreds of its fighters trapped for more than two months in Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks have been evacuated.

Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar said 53 badly wounded soldiers were taken to the town of Novoazovsk, held by Russian-backed rebels.

She said another 211 were evacuated using a humanitarian corridor to Olenivka – also a rebel-held town.

Russia earlier said a deal had been reached to evacuate the injured troops.

About a dozen buses carrying Ukrainian fighters who were holed up beneath the besieged plant were seen leaving the huge industrial site in the southern port city on Monday evening, Reuters news agency reported.

3. Newsweek: Russia Opens Fire On Israeli Jets Over Syria—Report

Russian forces may have opened fire at Israel’s jets in Syria, according to a report.

The alleged attack is believed to have taken place in Syria on Friday last week, according to Israel’s Channel 13 news.

Newsweek has not been able to independently verify whether the attack did take place and whether it was the act of Russian forces.

The unsourced report alleges that Russia used its S-300 anti-aircraft missiles as the Israeli jets attacked targets in Northwestern Syria.



We will add reports as they come in and meet some kind of impossible to define standard for what is worthy of reporting on this conflict. Please do check the comments under this post as the day progresses though.

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 15, 2022

1. UK stoked on the Finns and Swedes joining NATO

2. Moscow responds to NATO advancing towards its borders

Moscow To Strengthen Its Troops On Border With Finland Should NATO Deploy Offensive Arms

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 15th May, 2022) Moscow will strengthen its military presence on the Russian-Finnish border in the event of Helsinki joining NATO and the alliance deploying striking weapons on its territory, Viktor Bondarev, the chair of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, said Sunday.


“We will strengthen the border, increase the presence of the Russian troops on the border if offensive, striking weapons of NATO are deployed in Finland, in our immediate vicinity,” Bondarev said on Telegram.

Finland announced the official decision to join NATO earlier on Sunday. The decision will be discussed in the Finnish parliament on Monday, and the voting is expected to be held on Tuesday.

The decision was followed by Sweden, which is expected to officially apply for NATO membership together with Finland.

3. Finnish president reveals what he claims was the contents of a phone call between himself and Putin:

Please check back on this post and the comments under this post as the day progresses for more on this critically important and basically impossible to analyze world threatening theatre of operations

“This is one of those wars you want both sides to lose”. -US General when asked about an Iran-Iraq war.


All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 11, 2022

1. Senator Richard Black: The US is using the Ukraine as proxies

UPDATE: I have just been informed that this particular senator is a paid propaganda organ of the Russian Government via RT.

(I so regret even TRYING to understand what is going on over there. All I know is, the exact same people who have been pushing Covid, lock downs, WEF communist take over of the West, mandatory injections with experimental mRNA gene therapy and a host of other atrocities, are four square with Ukraine. And that Zelenskyy claims that Trudeau was his inspiration to get into politics. And that he, like Trudeau, have nearly no accomplishments or reason to be leaders. And that The most corrupt and horrifying people in the US government like Biden and his son, have deep ties with China and the Ukrainian government in ways that benefit neither people of the US, Canada or the Ukraine. So what this Senator said made sense initially. I guess in the end, like the General said during an Iran-Iraq conflict, “This is one of those wars you hope both sides lose”.

Please see the reader’s Links for Today and yesterday for a LOT of material on this conflict, and check the comments under this post as the evening progresses. Also, Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue tonight is on the US Ukraine connection and is absolutely brilliant.

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 9, 2022

1. US Marine suggests what may happen to Finland if they join NATO (48 minutes)

2. Trudeau and Zelenski decorate a small dog

3. CBC reveals that the end game is not stopping the Russians from taking the Donbas or even Ukraine overall, but regime change in Russia.

Please check back to this post and the comments under it for the day’s unfolding Russia V. Ukraine news. Thank you.

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 5, 2022

Please check the comments under this post over the course of the day.

1. Capabilities of the US Warthog

A number of Warthogs spotted at a Canadian base in Gander:

But the argument goes like this:

Unusual to order fighter jets that only fly over uncontested ground. I thought we called those 747s.

2. This interview with combat veteran and Colonel, Richard H. Black is pretty harsh. Listen very carefully and try and determine what is fact and what is the product of his world view. But I can say for a fact that most or all of what he is saying about Syria is true, and even incomplete. We here at Vlad, published videos  of the nascent Islamic State, then called some other thing, Al Nusra Front or whatnot, but it was AQ in all but name, testing chemical weapons on rabbits. The US then claimed chemical weapons attacks had been done by Al Assad and used it as their Casus Beli to go in to Syria.

He also understands the Islamic religious rules and its role in the Syrian and other conflicts.

This video below, we had translated from Bulgarian TV and subtitled when Obama was in and when it was topical. EVERY platform, including Minds.com and Bitchute took it down well within an hour. For some reason it seems to be allowed to remain online now. But let me be clear, back in Obama’s day, if the US government (I assume it was they who censored this) decided they did not want you to know something, you were not going to be allowed to have any evidence of what you knew, or get to know it at all.