Canada knew about Ivermectin and trashed it anyway

Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada

August 2022 update — you can now find the second release package here

For treating covid, the Canadian government says ivermectin is unsafe, ineffective, and not to use it… but the sciencesays otherwise, and so do some PHAC staff.

In September 2021, the Public Health Agency of Canada was asked for all internal communications regarding ivermectin for the treatment of covid. Today (in June 2022) they provided some emails dating from 1 March 2020 to 7 June 2021.

These were apparently originally released April 2022 to some other party who requested the same information from PHAC (see date on the file name).

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Highlight from page 23 of the emails:

Australian Conference: Reclaiming Medicine 2022 registration

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Premiere episode of Israeli version of the Corona Investigative Committee set to go live in 6 hours

This is set to go live at about 5:00 AM Eastern time, or 6 hours from now.

Dr.Pierre Kory debates Alex Berenson on the use of Ivermectin for Covid 19

Dr. Pierre Kory engaged in a very civilized and friendly debate with former NYT journalist, Alex Berenson. Berenson has been one of the most effective critics of the various gene therapy vaccines and was kicked off of Twitter for posting Israeli and UK government generated stats showing the injections didn’t work, and may in fact make things much worse.

But he has mocked people who argued for early therapeutics like Ivermectin and HCQ. And in this segment of the debate, Dr. Pierre Koiry who is an actual clinician and scientist, bascially mops the floor with Alex. But in the manner of a gentleman.

The Entire debate is below:

Italian doctor on TV: NO deaths if early treatment!

Italian TV is very dynamic. We used different colours for different speakers here, and it was challenging at times, but we got it right. Please enjoy!

And the story details, who this doctor is and more can be found at:

Doctor: ‘Covid Patients Treated with Anti-Inflammatories Immediately Reduce Risk of Hospitalization by 90%’ (Video)

“Bill Gates tries to rebrand himself as reasonable”

Short, excellent and important. Kudos to The Fat Emperor. If Twitter hadn’t put me in Tweet jail for a week for saying true things about HCQ and Ivermectin, like they did to this doctor, and this fellow, I would put a nice comment under his tweet.

Corona Auschluss: Session 99, Stage victories

This is LIVE as of now. The direct link is here.

We haven’t been as on top of this as we used to be, because they started an English stream. So the hours of going through it and translating the best bits with English titles became less necessary. In the comments on the site though, observant readers have been posting links to the English stream and to exceptional segments. We try and post them as time permits.

UPDATE from EB with thanks:

You are able to replay the session via gettr beginning @ 19:00.

More material on Covid and the vaxx which must not be forgotten till all damage from it can be mitigated, and the guilty are punished

1. Alex Berenson: URGENT: Covid infections in Britain are rising again, and 90 percent of the dead are vaccinated. Have mRNA jabs ruined our chance at herd immunity?

New figures from Britain raise bright red flags about the direction of Covid in wealthy countries that used mRNA and DNA shots to attempt to defeat the coronavirus last year.

Hospitalizations and deaths remain stubbornly high and overwhelmingly occur in vaccinated people. In February, 90 percent of the 1,000 Britons who died each week of Covid were vaccinated.

New infections are not only far higher than they were before the Omicron variant emerged, they are rising again after a brief fall in February. And even boosters appear to offer no protection against hospitalizations in younger people.

British data are crucial both because Britain vaccinated and boosted early and because its datasets are far more complete and less politicized than those in the United States.

Day by day, week by week, the figures are becoming more worrisome. They hint that mRNA and DNA shots may have slowed if not completely halted the natural progression to herd immunity that occurred in earlier respiratory virus epidemics.

2. Dr. Ryan Cole: Alarming Cancer Trend Suggests COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Natural Immune Response

(Can’t see an easy embed source, but click through to watch at Epoch TV. A complete transcript is available at site as well. Be it known that there are now many reasons to believe that both Covid, but especially the mRNA/DNA vaxx will lead to a far higher incidence of cancer, and recurrence of people who already have put their cancer into remission. More on that soon I’m sure. But in conversations I have had with doctors not ready to come forward, and more than one, they are seeing a dramatic rise in cancer rates amongst those who have been vaxxed and boosted especially.)

3. Dr. Been: Spike genes have patented DNA sequences. This is dangerous

(Apologies if I have posted this video already. It is an important one, and also speaks to increased cancer rates in the vaxxed.)

4. Mark Steyn speaks to the forced-released, Pfizer Docs. Social media suppressing search results as “disinformation” even though its Pfizer’s own docs!

5. Zev Zelenko: There is hope for those who got the shot

There are a couple of very alarming short clips on Gettr with Dr. Zelenko as well.

Here and here.


MUST SEE: Dr. Paul Marik from Sen. Ron Johnson hearings of January 24, 2022

Dr. Marik is a 35 year veteran of emergency room medicine. Dr. Marik explains how 500,000 of the 800,000 who died of Covid could have been saved by theraputics, but instead where denied effective drugs while being made to take extremely toxic ones.

This seems like a good time to mention that Robert F Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci is an amazing read. An important one even. Nothing looks the same about the Western medical systems once you are aware how corrupt, people like Anthony Fauci have made it.