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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson speaks to the fake polls published predicting the November 3rd election result”

  1. Tick-tock the clock walked down
    Its boulevard of beaten beats
    Calling for Election Day
    Like some poor kitty gone astray
    “Come hither, day,” the drunk clock called. “–there’s a treat for you the President said.”
    He walked and walked
    The drunk clock did
    Weaving through these crazy days
    Falling then into a bush
    Laughing that he was not pushed
    “Or was it, now, a hidden hand?” he giggle-slurred out from the lilacs
    “Yes, indeed, I know it now. The Demo-rats have pushed me down.
    Idiots!” the drunk clock blurted
    “No one keeps a good clock down!
    No one stops debate to hold
    The truth of lyin’ Biden’s creep
    From oozing through the TV screens
    And clogging up the internet
    No one keeps the truth
    Perpetually aloof.
    For though I am one drunken clock
    I speak not silly whiskey talk.
    I say it now quite loud and clear
    I can’t be stopped
    No matter what
    No matter all the dirty tricks
    No matter all the chaos sown
    No matter all the Soros judges
    No matter all the rigged-up polls
    No matter all the mail-in lies
    No matter all the pre-paid pundits”

    The clock pulled himself up out of the bush and straightened his jacket.

    “I will get to where I want to go.”

  2. Brad Johnson hits the nail on the head concerning those who will actually vote for Trump or Biden. What he did not speak to, but what may for me be a deciding factor is the fake votes, and/or votes by those unqualified to vote.

  3. I have said this before but when I took Statistics in collage the first thing the Professor taught us was how to fake the polls. This was well before the internet and the left had what amounted to a monopoly on disseminating the news. Now they have to be more creative about how they fake the polls but they still fake them trying to make the Republicans and people who would vote against the left think the election is a shoo in for the left so there is no reason to vote. Yes the election is going to be a big win for Trump with so many people voting for him the crooked votes won’t matter.

    Concerning the riots and the lack of response by President Trump, the Federal Laws say that the Federal Government can’t send in Federal Forces to do anything but protect Federal Property until either the Mayor or the Governor declare an emergency and request Federal Aid. Trump is a Republican and has to obey the laws, Obama didn’t bother following the laws and neither did Clinton but for Trump to ignore them would be legitimate grounds for impeachment. This is basic Civics that use to be taught in all High Schools in the US, now most don’t teach Civics and most Collage Students don’t take it in Collage. When I was in High School if you got a D or lower in Civics you didn’t get a High School Diploma until you took the class again and this time passed it.

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