Politicians have made Hydroxychloroquine unavailable. NOT DOCTORS

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I am somewhat trepidatious about posting the following information:

Dr. Zev Zelenco posted that another product is available over the counter which has the same action as Hydroxychloroquine. The thing is, its natural, so there could be more interactions than with other drugs, and its not refined the way Quinine or HCQ is. So research is required before you take it. Also, if indeed it works, the more popular it gets, the more likely it is to be banned even though at the moment, you can get it at Costco.

Below is the link to Zev’s paper where he specifically recommends the use of this compound to people who are low risk. For high risk, he still recommends HCQ but we here in Canada of course we cannot get that even if we are travelling to a country with Malaria. There truly are stores where you can buy Hash or marijuana in Ottawa without a prescription, but getting one of the oldest, safest, most efficacious medicines in the world, well your doctor would lose the licence to practice medicine and the pharmacy will not fill the prescription even if your doctor did prescribe it. That, is unprecedented, and also proof positive of how corrupt our governments are at this time.

Here is the link, and the name of the product is Quercetin. It can also be ordered at Amazon.

This is also a compound that helps Zinc enter cells. So like HCQ, it is useless without taking it with Zinc.

Nevada reverses HCQ ban!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Americans re Treatment for Covid 19

(It is a testament to the cowardice of Canadians that no such resource is available north of the US border)

“UPDATE: We have officially launched a resource to connect patients across the country with physicians & pharmacists who are HCQ knowledgeable!
To access:
Go to: http://AFLDS.com
Click on: HCQ
Click on: your state of residence
Scroll down to: Speak to an MD”
Dr. Simone Gold – August 29, 2020 – Twitter

“Hydroxychloroquine ‘very safe,’ says Dr. Scott Atlas; blasts ‘garbage’ medical studies  – https://go.shr.lc/3hEBIbC – @washtimes”
Dr. Zev. Zelenko – August 29, 2020 – Twitter

Thank you EB for this one.

Yes! Sweden got it right! It is OFFICIAL

And yet in the rest of the formerly free world…

It would be good to know if the actual hospitalization or death rate at or near Mt. Rushmore went up after Donald Trump’s event there. NOT the case rate, which we can safely say means nothing at all, since no one has any faith left in case rates after all the reveals on them. Because if the rate of deaths or hospitalizations made no significant spike after Rushmore, never mind all the rioting around the US, then the Democrats and world-leftist leaders are doing this to us all to maintain a theatre-of-fear for political reasons. And they should be punished for that proportionately.

The CBC is enemy propaganda

Notice how this is clearly a propaganda piece on both Government ultra-vires regulations and measures concerning Covid 19, as well as HCQ even though it would be a very safe bet that the top people at CBC are on HCQ or have it handy for themselves and the parts of their families that they like. There is no attempt at balanced reporting or even a look at the science, all of which at this point shows that the lock downs and other unprecedented measures are not needed (Denmark and Sweden seem to prove that to varying degrees) and that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment. CBC simply discredits anyone going against the narrative while building up anyone with it.

This is not news. Its Soviet compliancy information warfare.


Doctor who appeared in HCQ conference, fired, and is suing CNN

One of the central doctors trying to tell us all that Hydroxychloroquine is part of an effective treatment for Wuhan Flu, CCP virus, was fired due to media reaction and has retained the services of Lin Wood, the same lawyer who took CNN to the cleaners representing Nick Sandmann.

Below is the entire presser she did along with other doctors on HCQ. Skip ahead to about 4 minutes.

Addendum: I have been trying to add the Tucker Carlson segment into this post with the doctor he interviews. It is STUNNING how the search engines have been tuned against Tucker Carlson now. Search Youtube, or Google, or Twitter for Tucker Carlson and you will find a litany of nasty anti-Carlson materials often having nothing to do with your search parameters other than it conforms to Marxist critical theory as a way of negating his influence. Eventually that clip will appear somewhere and we will make a new post with it. But that is where we are at now. Rule of law has been ‘Aufheben’ or replaced with something closer to a MAFIA based system where large groups willing to use violence, this would be Islamic groups and leftist ones, have created an anti-state at every level so what is actually the law, or are your constitutional rights, matter nothing compared to the consequences of going against these group’s imposed ‘laws’ on you. Which of course is the point of this entire article. Samisdat is all we have now against Aufheben. And we had all better get on board with that.

Thank you EB for finding this!