Worthwhile lecture on strategy for the anti jihad.

Here, at a conference in Malmo Sweden, a British fellow, ‘Alan Lake’ speaks some really important and interesting insights on how to deal with the issue of Islam in the west with our fellow citizens. He offers some things perhaps most of us know but quite a few we may not. Things ranging from not bothering to argue Koran or Islam with people. It is a loosing game and a waste of time.

On this I agree and for the reasons he states as well as for a few he does not. Once you begin to argue the rules of someones imaginary cosmology of which they are the wearer of the official funny hat, you have to lose even if you win. Robert Spencer is an excellent example of this. He knows Koran etc. Better than many imams. This will change no one’s mind who is Muslim, and precious few who are not, yet who imagine Islam to be another benign form of quaint or charming noble-savage sort of cultural practice.

To the Muslim, Spencer will remain a Jew, even though he is not, or at best a Kufar.

Once you agree to argue a cosmology based on magic and superstition with someone who is a purveyor of it, you lose. This applies to any non rational cosmology. So best left alone.

This is just one early point in this insightful and worthwhile lecture. Please do take the time to listen to it. I felt it was very helpful if for no other reason, he does warn against burning out, as well as many other important and interesting observations about this fight and its likely consequences.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Link: Anti sharia confrence Sweden

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