Afghan migrant murders Swedish GF, keeps her head in a suitcase in his flat

For more on the story please see RAIR Foundation article here.

There were some stories on this posted to the Reader’s Links, one of which listed other items he kept in the suitcase with his girlfriend’s head. I will post the links when I find them.



Model Afghan refugee murders his German ex.

Hard to keep track of all these. The message is, breaking up with a muslim doesn’t mean you are safe from him.

Text on left:

Erdis Zaba was born in Afghanistan and has been living in Saxony for 15 years. He studies philosophy and works in a refugee home.
“I’m not your poster child”. Living 15 years in the Saxon province has left its mark on Erdis Z. Today the native Afghan lives in Leipzig and…

Text on Right:

Young Mother killed with beer bottle -A young mother, her baby in her arms – beaten to death while walking in the woods, apparently by her ex-boyfriend (Erdis Z., 30)! One week after the cruel crime, a man has at least partially admitted the crime. An investigator describes the suspected perpetrator as a “model refugee who has become violent”.

Thank you MissPiggy for the find and the translation 

Limburg axe murderer was a German born of Tunisian (Muslim) decent

Here are a couple of videos we have done so far of the broad daylight vehicular plus axe murder of the wife of what seems to be a muslim man in the streets of Limburg Germany.

The most troubling thing beyond the horrific murder of course, but in a way the cause of that murder, is the German government-media complex cover up of the nature of the killer. A very strong case could be made that if the German people understood the nature of Islam then they wouldn’t let them live in Germany and for sure wouldn’t marry them.

So far we have written up quite a few German girls who have been raped and murdered by muslims that had drank the multiculti koolaid and who’s drug of choice was the sanctimony of viewing all realists as “racists” and “bigots”. One cannot help noticing how much better the health of those bell ringers are though.

Link to top video

link to bottom video

A short video of the actual attack of the woman with an axe, after he ran her over, can be seen here. Its blurry, but horrific in the sense of the hated and brutality evident in the attack. Not really necessary for the story perhaps, but then again, people are not getting it. So hiding this hasn’t worked at all. In fact its having the opposite effect. So like gruesome scenes from the Holocaust, better to know the truth if you expect to make decisions on it.


Here is a link to a ‘better’ version of that video. Et cave ne videntium

Reposting a 2018 islamic femicide in Oz. And yeah, he got away with it

FYI: Islam does not mean peace. That is one of the standard cons. Islam means submission.

Direct link:

Another decapitation attempt and murder in Italy of a woman by a muslim

Thank you HeHa for enduring the details of this long enough to translate it. Perhaps worse than the details of the crime is the constant lies by omission the MSM does in its descriptions of those crimes. “Deep cut to the throat” ay? I bet I know what that means. He tried to cut her head off. We have seen that stupid phrase used, or variations of it many times in North America and then it comes out that it was a decapitation or an attempted one. Like the two girls in Morocco from Scandinavia. And of course its illegal to see or show the video of it, but I have seen it and it was not a “deep cut” it was head cut off.
Western Civilization is built on freedom to speak and know the truth and make honest decisions on that truth. Therefore there is no place for Islam or leftism, being anything from Hegel to Marx and all the PoMo monsters along the way, to be in the West.

Direct link to video:


Man yells “Allah hu Ackbar” at funeral of murdered girl, after 500 strong vigil

Cynthia wore a hijab for her killer

Translation: Nash Montana

Worms — Her death leaves you speechless! More than 500 people participated at the funeral march on the weekend with flowers and candles for the 21-year-old Cynthia R. She had been murdered by her boyfriend Ahmed T. (22) last week.


In front of her house, pastor George Ambadan lights a candle*

A selfie from happier times: Cynthia and Ahmed only got together at the end of last year

Friends of the family talk about the relationship between Ahmed and Cynthia. “She wore hijab for Ahmed,” says a friend of Cynthia’s father to BILD, “and she learned to speak Arabic out of love for him

When the two began their relationship four months ago, Ahmed T. already knew that he was going to be deported. His asylum seeker application had been denied long ago.

So he tried to convince his new girlfriend to go with him to Tunisia. But friends of the family say that went too far for Cynthia R.

After his arrest, the killer was brought to the prison in shackles on hands and feet. He’s been behind bars for five days now.



Could this be the reason he murdered her? Because she didn’t want to move to Tunisia with him? Last Monday an arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend in order that he might finally be deported. Less than 48 hours later the situation between the two escalated.

Ahmed had registered himself under three different identities and had therefore cashed in three times the spending money in Germany. He stabbed the young woman by ramming a kitchen knife through her neck, her lungs, her hands and her back more than ten times.

Cynthia loved animals, she had two dogs. Here she’s posing with one of the puppies




Her cousin: Patrick Schopp (34) is devastated by the loss of his cousin


“She meant so much to me and I miss her a lot,” says her cousin Patrick Schopp (34, scaffold builder) to BILD. “I will keep her in my memory as this fun-loving person who never had anything bad to say about anyone and who was very helpful with everyone.”

Germany: Rejected Asylum Seeker Kills Prostitute

An original translation of German newspaper Bild.

Rejected Asylum Seeker Strangles Prostitute
Why was the murderer of Lica (33) not deported?

Prostitute Lica L. (†33) was strangled to death in her apartment in Regensburg. She had been living in Germany for four years.

By J. Völkerling, September 06, 2017

Regensburg – It is difficult to take. Another asylum seeker, who should long have been deported, killed a woman in Germany!

Only Wednesday, Bild reported about the murder trial of Hussein K. (according to expert assessment, older than 22), who had raped and murdered student Maria L. (†19). K. should never have received asylum procedures in Germany: he had already applied for asylum in Greece, and had spent time in jail for attempted murder.

Now, the next case surfaces

In the night of August 29./30., Souleymane T. (21) from Mali sees prostitute Lica L. (†33) in Regensburg. They have sex, he pays 50 Euro. Then the man presses a pillow on the Romanian woman’s mouth, strangles her to death, flees with his victim’s money and phone.

Monday, police is able to arrest the African in Weiden in Upper Palatinate, after they were able to geolocate the phone. He is in detention for murder since.

His motive? Greed! „He killed the woman for financial reasons“, announces Franz Schimpel of the criminal investigation department Regensburg.

The man from Mali should not even have been here anymore in the first place – two montsh ago, his asylum application had been rejected!

The proceedings: Souleymane T. entered Germany on March 30, asked for asylum one day later in Heidelberg, and was transferred to Regensburg, where he filed his application officially. His accommodation is opposite the apartment of his later victim. In May, T. committed battery in the accommodation.

A housemate tells Bild: „He came from the town of Bamako. I went to the welfare agency with him, I had to pay for the taxi, as he refused. I did not want to share a room with him anymore.“

Already on June 20 – only three months after entry – his application for asylum is rejected. The authorities were quick! But T. is not deported: „As the man was not possessing a valid passport, the aliens registration authority requested substitute papers from the Republic of Mali.“

The photo of his birth certificate which he produced on entry was not sufficient for the authorities.

„It is not clear if this was the photo of a genuine document“, a speaker of the government Upper Palatinate says to Bild. As several authorities are involved in the acquisition of a substitute passport, one had no influence „on the timeline of the consulr proceedings“.

Why was T. not in custody pending deportation? A police speaker says to Bild: „A substitute document was requested from the Republic of Mali, and for the time being, a suspension of deportation is extended, time and again. The battery offense in May was no sufficient reason for custody.“

Translator’s Note:
This case is particularly sad, as a Romanian woman is the victim. Since an alliance of Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals, and Die Linke completely legalized prostitution in 2002, Germany has become the center of human trafficking of women from impoverished families in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. These women barely make a living, and send the little money they can save home to their families, many of them were even forced into prostitution.

RFB Radio with Kel interviews the aunt of the two teens murdered in a muslim femicide in the back of his cab

Link to Blog Talk Radio program here.

There are quite a few unpleasant revelations about the murders in this interview.

The interview starts at about the five minute mark for those that wish to skip the intro music.

From the BTR page:

The last words from Texas teenager Sarah Said were ‘Oh my God, I’m dying’. Then the 911 emergency operator heard a barrage of gunshots. Sarah, 17, and her sister Amina, 18, were found shot 11 times in the back of their father’s taxi, abandoned in a hotel parking lot in 2008. Their father Yaser Abdel Said is wanted by the FBI for their murders.

Today, their Great Aunt, Gail, alongside Pastor Michael Green, joins us to discuss this tragic story…

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For a refresher on these murders, here is the Daily Mail, which seems to have scrubbed the Islam out of the story, when it was 100% of the motive.

A woman beheaded in Courbevoie

An original translation by Ava Lon

From this French language News publication

A young man of 25, known to police and described as insane, killed his mother on Monday night with a knife in the Hauts-de-Seine.

BY AZIZ Zemouri

The Nanterre prosecutor confirmed the information on Tuesday morning at . An individual has beheaded his mother on Monday night in Courbevoie around 10 pm.

It was the neighbors from the building of the town center of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), where the mother of the alleged assassin resided, who alerted the police between 9:30 pm and 10 pm. On arrival the staff of the DSPAP (the Directorate of Public Security of the Paris region), police in the Paris area, an individual 25 years of Senegalese origin, was holding the head of his mother, 54, in his hands. According to the first elements of the investigation, he decapitated and eviscerated her with a ceramic knife. Police overpowered the perpetrator after four shots with a taser. He couldn’t be interviewed by investigators because of his state of “proven dementia.” “His words were incoherent even if he invoked God – but not Allah – at one time. It is a sad news item,“ describes a source close to the investigation.

The SDPJ in charge of the investigation

The individual is now in the hospital. He was known for acts of violence committed in 2011. “The police had never had to intervene in this building before. There is no trace of the family [in that context] in the records at the police station,“ said a police officer. The SDPJ 92 – the departmental service of judicial police of Hauts-de-Seine – is in charge of the investigation.

Muslim in Oz, suspected of terrorism, murders wife, beats kids. Her brother seems unconcerned.

Original item here.

Actually it is interesting that the deceased woman’s brother first felt the need to defend Islam. His sister has just been murdered, and the first thing he feels the need to talk about with the media is that “islam is peace” and all that nonsense.

Thank you Dumbstruck

Germany: “Have made use of my right to kill my wife”

An original translation by Nash Montana

From Die Welt: A German news site:

A refugee, charged with murder, is facing the court. It is his right to kill his wife, the Iraqi had said to the police. Why he now has to go to prison, he cannot understand.

The 32 year old strangled his wife to death out of jealousy. The refugee delivered no statements about the murder to the court in Regensburg.

According to the prosecution, Jumaah K. was convinced that his 26 year old wife and mother of their three children, had an affair with another man. Therefore last November, the man strangled his wife to death in their bedroom in Laaber, township of Regensburg.

During the murder the three small children were in the house

After the murder, the man went to the police and turned himself in, accompanied by his three year old daughter. A little later the police discovered the body of the woman. An interrogator reported on Monday that the husband had said: “I have made use of my right to kill my wife.” But why he is going to prison, he cannot understand.

The refugee family with three children ages three to eight were housed in Laaber since beginning of September of last year. According to the prosecution, the husband went to the house on November 16th and strangled his wife to death. The children were present in the house during this time. Whether they witnessed the murder of their mother is not clear.

The process is being continued on Wednesday. The verdict is expected to be pronounced on the 22th of July.