Martin Sellner explains how the Austrian high court determined his innocence and the state was guilty

This is a singularly important video.

Martin Sellner, the most visible leader of Generation Identitaire has been persecuted AND prosecuted by the Austrian state for many months now, including, but limited to, the confiscation of his property and his wife’s property.

A high court in Austria determined that the state persecution of Martin Sellner was out of bias, and was in fact illegal.

This is a very important determination and must be known by all of us so that we have a precedent to point to, when we, or someone we know, also become targets of political persecution by leftist components of the deep state.

Please do share this one. It is an important victory not just for Martin, but for rule of law.

Special thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and also to everyone who helped us find this video.