Germany: Protests Over New Mosque Construction Sites

The local press independently reports two, apparently unconnected, instances of resistance against current Mosque construction projects, both in the state of Bavaria, south Germany.

Photo: Silvio Wyszengrad

Someone in Augsburg spray-painted the facade of an Ahmadiyya mosque construction site with the words:

“Anyone building Churches in Turkey
Germans wake up“,

and in Regensburg, unknown people have erected 26 crosses, displaying the names of terror victims, on the construction grounds for a planned Turkish Ditib Mosque:

Screenshot Bayerischer Rundfunk

Augsburger Allgemeine report on the spray-painted mosque that

“Raziq Ahmad Tariq, member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jemaat, finds the message behind the graffiti terrible. “It is sad that there is such thinking in Germany.“ (…) Tariq finds it problematic that people have a wrong impression of Islam. The community wants to provide educational work. He says there are afternoon coffee parties planned. On these occasions, they want to introduce themselves to the people of Augsburg. “We want people to get to know us.“

Tariq, when you will hold these coffee parties to give the good people of Augsburg the right impression of Islam, do mention the barbaric “honor“ killings that Ahmadiyya have commited in Germany, will you?

At least Augsburger Allgemeine have the integrity to mention that despite propagating an allegedly peaceful, “true“ Islam; “the inner rules are said to be strict, headscarf is mandatory, and gender segregation is strict.“

Meanwhile, in Regensburg, Bayerischer Rundfunk report that the mosque association Ditib (Erdogan’s extension in Germany) lamented that the construction site “looked like a graveyard“, and called it an “attack on the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims“, and demanded a stronger presence of the security authorities to be “better protected from abuse like that in the future“.

So a peaceful, creative protest is an attack, and us kafir being killed in terror attacks and suffering daily abuse is “peaceful coexistence“.

Update: The Identitäre Bewegung Bayern, the Identitarian Movement Bavaria, today (Feb. 14) announced that the crosses were their initiative. While acknowledging that Ditib are not directly responsible for terrorism, the Identitären criticize that Ditib in general is an extension of Erdogan, and that Ditib Regensburg in particular featured the radical convert and Salafist Pierre Vogel, and other radical Salafists, as guest speakers.


10 Replies to “Germany: Protests Over New Mosque Construction Sites”

    • A brilliant idea to put crosses. It isn’t vandalism and if Muslims complain of being offended, it won’t be in their favor.

      Scintillating Synopsis, Sassy!

    • Any islamic sect is a risk. Obviously some are better than others but it is like poisonous snakes: no matter how weak the venom or poor the bite fangs compared to others they will ALWAYS kill someone. From my experiences of pacifism: it is a system where you are quite prepared to allow others to die for your rights to do nothing by being a pacifist. Pacifism only works in western countries with secure borders and good inner security. Fanatics and criminals LOVE pacifists as they make it all so easy.

      • They pretend to be more tolerant and not as violent as the others; but their children are their property (literally), and daughters who opposed arranged marriage in Germany have been victims of merciless “honor” killings.

        They’re all terrible by civilized standards; only, some are worse than the others.

        And I should point out that I’m not saying that because I’m tarring with a broad brush or looking at things superficially, I’m saying that cause I am observing closely.

  1. “Anyone building Churches in Turkey[?]
    Germans wake up

    There it is, again. That nasty little concept of reciprocity.

    Clearly, EU apparatchiks cannot possibly be expected to divert their precious attention away from the incoming platoons of invading foreign rapists to consider what happens once all of the churches are torn down.

    The EU and North America would be wise to instate rigid moratorium on all mosque construction until there is parity between Christian churches in the Middle East and Mosques in the West.

    If someone really wanted to drive this as a wedge issue, make any further Western mosque building contingent upon ALL RELIGIONS having places of worship being represented throughout the Middle East in proportion.

    This would require Saudi Arabia (et al) to issue building permits for various churches, synagogues, gurdwaras, shinshas, pagodas, and sundry Mormon Tabernacles.

    Incidentally, non-compliance would necessarily have a price as well. Every month that construction is not started on an alternate religious site in the Muslim Middle East, a mosque—preferably starting with the largest structures in major metropolitan areas—would be demolished and the land placed in trust for future victims of Islamic terrorism.

    Most heartwarming of amongst this doom and gloom is—should this “modest proposal” be implemented—just try to imagine the sound of something akin to several bricks of 2″ firecrackers being lit off all at once.

    In an ideal world, all of those rapid little popping noises would be the fatally bursting brain aneurysms being had by Islam’s seemingly endless supply of hyper-misogynist, anti-Civilizational, wastes of human skin.

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