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11 Replies to “Gen-Ident hang a banner on the Cologne Train station, people cheer”

    • I think reconquista might have been the word you heard.
      They have 2 different slogans, “Heimat, Freiheit, Tradition – Multikulti Endstation” (home, freedom, tradition – end station multi culturalism).
      “Jugend Europas Reconquista” (Youth of Europe, Reconquista)

      • Thank you, the people who are writing the slogans are trying to draw people to the resistance to begin the reconquest of Germany. I hope they are getting a lot of recruits because they are going to need them.

  1. I would also like to know what the chant was, the chants like that tell us a lot about those who writing and leading the chants.

    Several times in the past I have seen people comment that they thing the German men don’t have a pair. After the long alt left indoctrination of no Patriotism, no violence and submit to all actions of others as punishment for what the Germans did during WWII it takes time for the Germans to find their pride and go against the early training and act like nature is telling them to act. The same indoctrination has been going on in the other European nations with colonization substituted for WWII. The fact that the Europeans in their older teens and younger 20s are reacting like they are shows what the future of Europe is going to be.

    • Richard, please see my answer to darcy for the slogans!
      I think there are quite a few Germans who fight back not only with slogans when they must. But it is quite risky for the German person even if they are just defending themselves, so they don’t go and tell the world.

      • Yes I saw your answers and am aware of how difficult it is for someone living in a semi dictatorship to act openly in defense of his/her nation, culture and in self defense. I even understand how after the way Obama stabbed the in the back for 8 years why there is a growing anti-American meme.

        The world is on a curx and we those now alive are the ones who will determine if freedom survives or not. I am reluctantly coming to believe that once again Germany will have to be liberated from a Dictator. And I am reaching the conclusion that once again Russia will be our ally once WWIII goes Kinetic. I pray that this time the people coming in from the east to liberate Germany won’t rape their way across Europe and steal everything that they could lay their hands on.

  2. At the very least, we can be sure that German police are sparing no effort to identify and apprehend those who hung up that banner.

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