Gen Ident video for the UK

I have heard people we like claim that Gen Ident is racist or otherwise “far right wing”. I have seen no evidence of that and quite the opposite in fact, at least tactically from these great young Europeans.

But a word about that…

When people first started to notice what was taking place with islam and leftism in the west, and suggested legislative and simple fixes to stop the problem completely with no bloodshed or serious repercussions, they were shouted down and sometimes destroyed by the government-media complex. People I know personally in the UK went from having a job and a life to being unemployable because it became known that they had objections to the abandonment of rule of law, and the replacement with the hybrid, cultural-Marxism and sharia we see everywhere to varying degrees now.

When this happens, surely as a law of physics, (classical physics not the sort of imagine any particle you need then find it physics that makes no intuitive sense physics) you will get more and more extreme people and groups trying to solve a more and more extreme threat to their culture and safety.

At some point, we better support one. As the perfect is the enemy of the good, so is not getting on that escalator soon enough. This goes as much for secular left leaning jewish people as for a silent (hopefully) majority of people who are hoping someone else just fixes this problem while they continue to reap the rewards of classical civilization.

If for example, Jews fail to support a patriot group for being insufficiently philo-semitic, then next option will be worse, and worse until its no option at all. The classic dilemma. Get gored by the left horn of the bull, being Islam, or the right horn, being the leftist zeitgeist rapidly growing in influence, and who view Jewish identity as a major threat to the new and perfect man they think they can create if they just erase all contact with the past of cultural identity groups.

Gen Ident is a group we have been tracking here at Vlad T. since it first started in France, where a really clever protest against a mega-mosque in the symbolic city of Tours, where Charles Martell defeated a muslim invasion in the 10th century only to have that defeat reversed by the Soros, Obama, Merkel, EU and UN (Trudeau) cartel now.

They climbed the building, sang a song, did some unusually clever syncopated clapping, and when the police showed up and told them to leave and go home, they reacted by immediately leaving, and going home.

For their honesty, they were treated by the media, and stunningly, by STRATFOR, who up to 2008 when Obama was elected, was a truly excellent and objective source of news, as “far right wing violent extremists” while referring to Muslim terrorists who had murdered large numbers of people on that same day as “militants”.

For this reason, some small amount of understanding can be allowed to those who shun every reasonable attempt to deal with this problem rationally and peacefully. But the time for that kind of latitude is long since over.

Find a group that has the best chance of success at thwarting what is taking place, and who’s values are as close to classical liberalism as you can and support it with whatever resources you feel you can. Time, money, skills, any other resources you may have.

And be prepared for people to call you a racist.

We saw the government-media complex destroy the EDL, PEGIDA and many other groups that stood a chance of turning things around. we cannot let that happen again or as we wrote here at Vlad in 2008, real Nazis will march the streets and people will cheer for them.

Post-hoc correction: 

ManoftheWest, very thoughtfully corrected the date for Charles, The Hammer, Martell’s defence of Europe.

And I quote:

“Hi, Vlad
I loved the Generation Identity England and Ireland video. Just a point of information; Charles Martel (The Hammer) defeated the Muslim invaders at Tours in 732 AD, the eighth century. This was exactly one hundred years after Mohammed is said to have died (632 AD)…..if he ever existed at all, that is….”

Thank you ManoftheWest. I should have checked the date but I was on a roll and then had to run out.





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  1. Hi, Vlad
    I loved the Generation Identity England and Ireland video. Just a point of information; Charles Martel (The Hammer) defeated the Muslim invaders at Tours in 732 AD, the eighth century. This was exactly one hundred years after Mohammed is said to have died (632 AD)…..if he ever existed at all, that is.
    God bless you.

    St Michael that Archangel, defend us in battle

  2. If we allow this movement to be crushed like the others there will be no choice but the real racists, I don’t know if they will be Nazi’s but they will be racists. What is scary is that we are rapidly approaching the point (if we aren’t already past it) when we have to allow real racists to join the resistance. If it comes to that we will have to be careful to not let the racists take over the resistance.

      • People willing to kinetically defend their culture from Islam are racists?

        Welcome to the 21st century’s biggest “big lie”, so far. It is an extension of General Giap’s stern reconfiguration of Yasser Arafat from genocidal terrorist over to eternal victim of the Jooooooos!

        This latest rubbish involves precisely the same contortionist, moral gymnastics. Instead, this time, it’s being used to flip an entire group (i.e., legitimate critics of Islam) over from victims to aggressors.

        Muslims managing to convince the West that Islam is a “race” will be rather difficult to outdo in the next 82 years. At the very least, this is the “Big Lie” of this generation.

        The fact that is works at all is stark testimony to how deeply a sense of self-loathing has been installed in the past three generations of (typically Caucasian) Westerners.

        It pivots rather perfectly on the Soviet-era “demoralization propaganda” that loosened the moorings for the “flower children” and all that came after them.

        Once that sort of fundamental psychological insecurity has successfully been installed, it can be played upon like the proverbial “fiddle” by propagandists of every stripe, be they Islamic, Media, Advertisers, and even the most recent recruit to this gang, The Pope!

    • If we allow this movement to be crushed like the others there will be no choice but the real racists, I don’t know if they will be Nazi’s but they will be racists.

      What few people realize is that “racists” [GASP!] have U.S.A. Constitutional Rights. Perhaps, not practicable in the “Public Square”, or in general commerce, but Rights that still remain permissible by all legality in properly protected forums.

      Either we get it absolutely clear about the West accepting “managed” racism or roll up the sidewalks so the hegira can come home (to “Ground Zero”, that is).

      This constant demand that Infidel cultures conform to global sharia is both offensive and meritorious of (further) military response.

      I’ll mention in a later reply about insane overseas racism.

      • According to the left everything to defend Western Civilization and freedom is racist, as I stated above if they continue on this course the real racists will come out and be accepted by the vast majority of people as doing good.

        As you point out racists have constitutional rights, rights that for decades the left has been chipping away at, now they are trying the same thing with the people who want to remain free and live in a semi civilized nation. This isn’t going to end well for anyone because the ordinary people are ready to fight back.

  3. Sock Boys ventriloquist has declared anyone who doesn’t like Justhin is an Alt Right Nazi. That makes me a Nazi so I’m ready for anything.

    • I enlisted in the Army during Nam the left has been calling me a Nazi ever since, along with baby killer and other nasty names.

        • And despite all of the things that were done to limit what we could do we had that war won when the politicians gave away the fruits of our labor. They were for the most part leftist politicians and the same breed is once again betraying us.

  4. “Secular left leaning Jewish people” are indistinguishable from secular left-leaning anybody else. Possibly worse, because they’ve replaced the practice of Judaism with tikkun olam puke, which is Gutmenschen writ large.

    They identify more with the Holocaust than with Israel. They’re morally superior to avowed Zionists. No longer the socialist economic basket-case that so enchanted Bernie Sanders, Israel is less popular as a tourist destination for American Jews than American Christians.

    They voted >75% for 0bama, the friendliest administration since Titus. “Community leaders” are about as reliable as their counterparts in the 1930s. Which is to say, NOT.

    Nationalist European political organizations do not have to demonstrate “philosemitism”, as far as I’m concerned.

    For that matter, celebration of the Reconquista is inherently threatening to me, personally, a direct descendent of Spanish Jews.

    That doesn’t mean I’m offended when I see romanticized motifs from the period on websites of “classical liberals” who wouldn’t dream of burning me at the stake.

    • fail to support a patriot group for being insufficiently philo-semitic…

      That’s a mighty loaded construction.
      Also distorted and simplistic.

      You find Mr. Sharansky’s formulation equally loaded. But I know him, and I’m with him.

      Sharansky Warns on Building Ties with European Pro-Israel, Anti-Semitic Groups

      Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky warned the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem on Tuesday against the growing phenomenon of political groups on the Right in Europe returning to their Nazi pasts, while supporting Israel for its stand against Islamic extremism.

      “Those who love Israel and hate Jews and those who hate Israel and love Jews are not our partners,” he affirmed. Sharansky is stepping down from the helm of the Jewish Agency in June after nine years.

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