Violence against Bremen citizens: Expel the chronic offenders, along with their parents

Translation by Michael Laudahn

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The first borough burgomaster (SPD) [socialist] uses plain speech / Expel the chronic offenders, along with their parents

1 Blumenthal borough burgomaster Peter Nowack sides with the peaceful citizens

Melitta H (89) was beaten and almost killed by a chronic offender (15)

2 Melitta H (89) was beaten and almost killed by a chronic offender (15)

These neighbors living in the calm section of the street wish to finally live securely and peacefully

3 These neighbours living in the calm section of the street wish to finally live securely and peacefully
Blumenthal ñ On George Albrecht-Strasse we find Bremen’s worst horror housing area.

Police sorties are a daily occurrence here. Robberies, threats, thefts, drug trafficking, violence. A female pensioner (89) was beaten and almost killed by a chronic offender (15). The few honest residents live in fear. Now, borough burgomaster Peter Nowack (SPD) demands that politicians and authorities intervene rigorously. The social democrat is the first [official] to talk turkey.

‘The carrot-and-stick method does no longer work. Tell them there are no more carrots. I am fed up with the condition that some clans, mostly roma, make the government pay for almost anything, but consider the street an area immune from prosecution. Even they need to exert discipline, obey rules and laws. Those who don’t must no longer be pampered.’

The last major incident was in the middle of october, when 20 patrol cars had to intervene, in order to terminate a punchfest involving 50 residents. According to the police, it was mostly serbs and arabs using knives, clubs and teargas.

Neighbour Ramona Nomigkeit dares no longer let her child (8) play outside all alone: ‘These criminal gangs spit at us, swear at us and steal from us.’ Also neighbour Irene Boschen is fearful: ‘They bellow at us, ‘Fucking germans’, even had displayed a sign between their houses reading, ‘No entry for germans’.’

Already in 2008, interior senator Ulrich Mäurer (61, SPD) declared the street a social hotspot. ‘The clans originating from different ethnic groups make the neighbourhood insecure by provoking appearances, targetted disturbing actions and crime.’ In 2011, the interior authority [headed by Mäurer] made the street enter the ‘List of dangerous places’ in Bremen. Nothing has changed since then.

Borough burgomaster Nowack demands drastic measures: ‘For example the 15-year old boy, who is in remand for attempted murder of the 89-year old pensioner. He is not an EU citizen. In his case, I expect to see him condemned, then expelled along with his parents. For if a youngster like him commits more than 100 criminal acts, then also his mother and father have failed.’


Mayor of French town flees from anti Gypsy demonstrators

An original translation by Michael Laudahn


Hellemmes ([dÈpartement] 59): The PS mayor  must flee from the anti-roma demonstrators.

This morning, between 150 and 200 persons marched through the streets of Hellemmes, against the project to settle five roma families in town. Mayor FrÈdÈric Marchand had to render accounts.

‘The roma to the mayor! The roma into his garden!’

‘I was almost stoned. I was afraid.’ – the mayor

The demonstrators assembled before the park where the town would set up a centre of incorporation, like at other places in the city. Then, they headed for the mayor’s office, chanting slogans hostile to the roma population. But when they arrived at the townhall, a police detachment barred them from entering.

So the group made a u-turn, trying to find the mayor whose resignation they demand. They finally found him in a municipal saloon, a bit further down the road. The dialogue was lively, FrÈdÈric Marchand was being jostled.

The tone was rising. Several members of the crowd spat [at him], some even kicked. Given this dead end, the mayor wanted to leave, but the demonstrators blocked the way for him. The use of elbows was necessary. While insulting him, participants of the protest march even tried to persecute the mayor when he escaped through a door.

Then, the troup left the municipal saloon. Shortly after, FrÈdÈric Marchand confessed to the press that he was afraid, but still more determined than ever to follow his project through.
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Ordinary French people go full vigilante, destroy Gypsy (Roma) camp.

There are many ways to chart the decline of a civilization. One Roman senator was reputed to have said that it could be measured by the degree to which a government funded itself by sin.

True or not, it certainly can be charted by how often or if at all, a people feel the need to enforce the law themselves when they live in a highly taxed and over governed and over policed area to begin with. This vigilante action was not irrational. It was to deal with chronic crime ranging from destroying an area with feces and trash to persistent theft. And clearly all normal routes yielded nothing when it should have only taken one phone call to have this dealt with in the first place, if that.

Now it will be interesting to see if the state acts against the indigenous French who dealt with crime themselves. One can be confident they would if this was in was Canada.

Sept. 28 2012

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

French couple sold teenage daughter in part-exchange for used car – and she was then chained up in shed and used as sex slave

Note: ‘Traveller’ is PC for Gypsy.

From the Daily Mail:

  • Woman, named only as ‘Sabrina’ was sold in £600 part-exchange to travellers who kept her as a slave
  • Owners of squalid shed Franck Franoux and partner Florence Carrasco are appealing 30 year sentences for rape, kidnap, torture and slavery
  • Girl’s mother and father are also appealing combined 28-year jail term
  • Woman was burned with an iron, beaten and hired out for sex to other men
  • Police told original trial she was treated ‘worse than an animal’

By Ian Sparks

PUBLISHED: 08:05 EST, 5 September 2012 | UPDATED: 11:06 EST, 5 September 2012

A couple ‘traded in’ their daughter for a used car to a family who used her as a domestic slave for three years, a court in France was told.

The 23-year-old woman was sold in £600 ‘part-exchange’ for a second-hand hatchback – then subjected to daily sexual and physical abuse at a travellers’ camp outside Paris.

The daughter – named only as Sabrina – was then forced to live in a squalid shed owned by Franck Franoux, 58, and his partner Florence Carrasco, 56, in the suburb of Melun.

Squalid: The shed on a site outside Paris where the girl known as Sabrina was kept as a sex slaveSqualid: The shed on a site outside Paris where the girl known as Sabrina was kept as a sex slave

She was burned with an iron and cigarette ends, made to look after their seven children, beaten with iron bars and sticks and hired out for sex to other men.

When she finally fell critically ill in 2006, she was dumped outside a Paris hospital, with no teeth left and weighting less than six stone, the court heard.

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France: Police closing down roma camp near Lille

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

from NZZ.Ch:

France: Police closing down roma camp near Lille

On thursday, french police have evacuated a roma camp near the city of Lille and expelled the 200 inhabitants from their caravans. During raids in recent days in Paris and Lyon, already hundreds of immigrated Roma without valid documents were forced to leave their apartments.

Thus the new socialist government continues the policy initiatied by former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who intervened with a show of force in summer 2010 against roma, thereby harvesting criticism from the EU, the catholic church and human-rights activists.

The new interior minister, Manuel Valls, justified the raids as legal and necessary, because the improvised accommodation of hundreds of people on a limited space is a health risk. ‘Unhygienic camps are unacceptable’, he declared on wednesday.

Frequently, these camps are being established in workers’ quarters, there disturbing community life. Roma make only a small part of the population in France. But because they roam around, some of them making their living as pickpockets or by begging aggressively, they are controversial.