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4 Replies to “Vigilantism begins in Finland thanks to the government-media complex covering for muslim rape gangs”

  1. I suppose this is bound to happen in any tight society where the gov’t refuses to act swiftly. And, in fact, not only doesn’t the gov;t act, they condone the invasion of their society.
    In order to control the backlash from decent members of the society a huge propaganda campaign has taken place on all fronts to subdue the average citizen.
    I guess the MEN in Finland have had enough. I expect this movement to grow if it can evade the crush of the gov’t.

  2. Fyi
    In the US, local police and the FBI operate this sting within the law, posting messages from minors of all sexual identities on everything from Minecraft to chatrooms. All Norway PD has to do is contact their US counterparts to learn the sting.

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