Segment of former NSA chief interview with Ezra Levant and a question about his approach

While I do not disagree with the General, in fact I think he was brilliant and accurate and said very important things, and in fact, may have said a lot more than he appears to have said in some ways, one of his remarks does beg a question that I asked at the end.

So far, of the few people I have asked to watch it, no one seems to actually see what I saw in his argument. I would quite welcome a discussion on this. I may have to clarify my question/point, or, I could be just way wrong on this one.

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3 Replies to “Segment of former NSA chief interview with Ezra Levant and a question about his approach”

  1. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird

    I have made no secret with respect to my distrust of government, the intelligence community and law enforcement in relation to their collective stemming of the tide of Islam and the Muslim in their various guises and forms.

    I feel that the Westerner in Europe and North America, the true Westerner, has been abandoned by the aforementioned groups and as such there are now many who are looking inwards and amongst their own for solution to the Muslim quandary.

    Having been abandoned by those who claim to protect us what other choices do Westerners have?

    Unfortunately, we now must be concerned as Islam and the Muslim have infiltrated both the intelligence/law enforcement and military community and can be further seen to be infecting the highest levels of political office spanning two continents. This in and of itself creates trust and treason issues with respect to the overt abuse of information collected by our intelligence communities.

    Take for example RCMP officers, military personnel and municipal police officers who are Muslim. They have a sworn obligation to serve Islam and not to serve and execute their oath of allegiance and duty. In other words, under no circumstances can these agencies be trusted as their corrupted nature poses a clear and present lethal threat to non-Muslims.

    Of course the danger in our allowing our focus on the Muslim to become myopic is a government can use that as an opportunity to set in place the underpinnings of a totalitarian state. It is truly a rock and a hard place quandary.

    This said, I do still have a small amount of trust in CSIS, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, and hope that they are given the resources they require to deal with Islam and the Muslim.

    In closing, I say publicly that the existing protections held out to Westerners in defense of the advancing Muslim are a charade, mere window dressing and specifically, the RCMP and Canadian law enforcement and government cannot be trusted or relied upon to protect us. I further say publicly that Westerners must begin to organize at a grassroots level and seek to put in place their own protection infrastructure.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Crankville County
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. What I got out of the video was that the man was trying to justify their criminal actions and saying that the efforts continue despite various statements by people saying they have stopped. I don’t trust the current leadership of the US and the intelligence agencies, they have lied to often and used government agencies to attack their political enemies.

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