Vigilantism grows in Sweden

Vigilantes go on violent anti-invader attack in Swedish train station.

This story requires prefacing. The media of course is treating this like a man dying of thirst treats a bottle of Gator-aid. At last, some real, ‘extreme right wing Nazis’ etc. etc.

Some vigilantes did indeed clumsily attack migrants in a train station in Stockholm. Men in black with masks used blunt trauma weapons to attack ‘youths’, a euphemism for muslim males in the process of doing criminal activities in their twenties and thirties, in a fashion that appears horrifying as a stand alone event. What most media fails to mention, most notably Scandinavian media, is that this train station and area has become so violent and dangerous that even police have been quoted as saying they would not let their daughters go out to that area after 2:00 in the AFTERNOON and definitely not a night.

This website has been consistent since 2008 that if reasonable people who believe in classical civilization and jeffersonian liberalism are not listened to by our representatives, that real Nazis would step up and do the fight. I would consider this not insightful so much as axiomatic. That is not to say this group are Nazis. Vigilantism is not only inevitable when the government invites in hundreds of thousands of people radically different than the locals but actually hostile to them, but actually desirable if done right and when actually necessary to preserve rule of law. This, in our editorial opinion, was not done right. A group of people who’s faces we can see, in a uniform that is recognizable, escorting children and girls to and from their trains, and in other ways interfering with the criminal activities of the people who have made this area literally uncivilized would be the right way. Think New York City’s Guardian Angels as a good example of proper vigilantism. Governments wont like you anyway because vigilantes are essentially an antibody which indicates a disease in the system. Systems rarely like that. But the public support for it done right will be massively better than what we see in this example.

From Swedish news, Aftonbladet: (Video at source)

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20 Replies to “Vigilantism grows in Sweden”

  1. If that train station is so unsafe why aren’t there about half-a-dozen big cops with billy clubs and pepper spray making sure that it is safe? Everywhere we look there’s a left-winger holding the door open for militant Islam. The mayor might well want to send in those tough cops but can’t out of fear that somebody will accuse him/her of profiling or racism or something. We have the power to win this. The way is fairly clear. But the leftists are doing the exact same stupid thing they did in Iran when they “worked with” the Ayatollah to overthrow the Shah and produce a socialist paradise. I have never in my life heard a leftist admit they had ever been wrong about anything, and I have never heard a leftist admit that it was their fellow travellers who screwed up Iran by being the stupidest of useful idiots. Never! And now the little pinkos are trying to do the same thing to the entire Western World. Oh, and they never tire and they never stop…

    • Chris next vacation take the time to do some research into the goals of the far left, the more you learn about their goals the more you discover that their real goal is to destroy western civilization so they can rebuild the world the way they want. Think the way Nazi Germany tried to rebuild Europe but instead of military conquest and heavy handed nastiness they have taken a long term approach and are only now reaching the time of heavy handed nastiness.

      I know it is hard to accept the idea that the leaders of western nations are working to destroy them but the evidence says they are, some like Obama know what they are doing and others are simply meat puppets to their handlers. But all are working towards the destruction of the west.

      Look at Merkel’s past and tell me why she should be loving the west and working to safe it? Look at any European leader that was a member of the communist governments in Europe and tell me why they are suppose to be working to build democracy and freedom. Czar Vlad Putin has recently said that he still loves the communist system, which he is slowly recreating, only this time he is doing it through politics instead of violent revolution.

  2. so how many of them must escort girls while leaving the vermin unmolested? And with bare faces so the socialist police who allowed the criminals there can recognize you and knock their doors late at night?

  3. The primary duty of a government is the security and safety of the citizens and the state. When one’s political class and government fails them miserably, there is only one solution. submit to the vermin or ‘take care of business’. These inbred mutants must be instilled with the same type of fear that they push on the Swedish population.

    • This is the opening phase of a civil war/counter revolution, the same way the protests against the government over reach in the west are in the US.

  4. Ross Lloyd, There is nothing i can add to your comment….You said it all in little more than 2 sentences & you could’nt be more right..God save the Swedes, the Germans & the World from the Cult of Islam

    • God helps those who help themselves, and the Swedes are starting to help themselves.

      Historical note, Europe use to tremble when Swedish Armies marchec (During the Renaissance) I doubt it that will occur but as the Swedish vigilantes became more and more active the rest of Europe will pay attention.

  5. Dealing rationally with the irrational hasn’t worked thus far. The legally charged lass receiving a fine for defending herself with mace against physical molestation by an aggressive misogynistic migrant is just another example…illustrating that anyone donning a ‘guardian angel’ type identification would also likely be pursued with negative legal consequences by the cowardly dhimmi political and legal establishment.

  6. Sweden masked gang ‘targeted migrants’ in Stockholm (BBC, Jan 30, 2016)

    “Up to 100 masked men, dressed in black, gathered in central Stockholm to attack people from immigrant backgrounds, reports say.

    Swedish police say the large gang distributed leaflets inciting people to assault refugees.

    Witnesses said the men physically attacked people they believed were foreigners. However, police have not confirmed these reports.

    It comes amid heightened tension in Sweden over the migrant crisis.

    Some 163,000 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, the highest per capita number in Europe.

    According to Aftonbladet newspaper, the men in Stockholm were distributing leaflets on Friday evening with the slogan “It’s enough now!”,

    The material threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve.”

    The newspaper published a video showing the gang clashing with police at Stockholm’s central station.


    Stockholm police said in a statement (in Swedish) that the group was handing out leaflets with the intention to incite people to carry out crimes.

    One man was arrested after punching an officer in the face. Several others were detained on public order offences and another was found with brass knuckledusters, police said. All had been released by the following morning.

    Spokeswoman Towe Haegg told Swedish radio police had not received any reports of violence against people from migrant backgrounds.

    However, Aftonbladet interviewed one 16-year-old who said he had been hit in the face near Stockholm’s central station. The newspaper also quoted another witness who said he had seen men beating up people who appeared to have a foreign background in the middle of the city’s Sergelstorg square.

    The men were wearing arm bands of various colours and have been reportedly linked to football hooligan gangs.

    There were scuffles on Saturday between pro and anti-migrant demonstrators, during which witnesses say foreigners were assaulted.

    Tensions have increased after a 22-year-old employee was stabbed to death at a centre for young asylum seekers earlier this week. A 15-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in Molndal, near Gothenburg, over the murder.

    Along with Germany, Sweden is a prime destination for refugees and illegal migrants entering the EU.

    More than one million refugees and migrants travelled to Europe last year, most fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The numbers arriving in Sweden have fallen significantly since it imposed tighter border controls this year.

    On Thursday, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said the country would prepare to deport up to 80,000 migrants whose asylum applications were rejected.”

  7. “escorting children and girls to and from their trains” No, this is Sharia. In the West, women and children can walk in public on their own without a chaperone.

    Mobs of native men beating up criminal foreigners is the way to restore our way of life. BTW, how can they be nazis? The young woman who was murdered was from Lebanon, i.e. an honorary white, not someone real nazis would care about.

  8. I agree with almost everything you say in your article about vigilantism, except the fact that they should show their faces. Once big brother knows who they are, they are finished. Even if they don’t have enough against them to throw them in jail, it would be still enough to lose their job and start being treated like second class citizens in their own country. This has past the level of escorting girls to school safely, It’s closer to civil war.

    • Yes, living in Canada which is some months to years behind the degree of decay of civilization in Europe, its hard to be fully fair to these guys. You have a point.

      • I like your website’s name, I’m from Transylvania myself, maybe that explains why I’m so islamophobic lol.
        Been a fan for 7 years, only recently I started commenting.

        • Glad you did. Please offer your thoughts whenever so inclined! And we need to rescue the reputation of Vlad Tepes from the Leftists and the goth chicks. In fact the muslims tell a much more accurate history of the man than Europeans do, as they see him as a great enemy of islamic conquest.

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