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35 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Did Trudeau play a role in the plot against Trump alongside Brennan and Clinton?”

    • Interesting point. Chapter 27, Anticorruption, Article 27.2: Scope. Bullet #5: The Parties recognize that the description of offenses adopted or maintained in accordance with this Chapter, and of the applicable legal defenses or legal principles controlling the lawfulness of conduct, is reserved to each Party’s law, and that those offenses shall be prosecuted and punished in accordance with each Party’s law.

      • WE Canadians, who are awake and refuse to be Liberal Trudeau sheep, are very much counting on it! July 1st is supposed to be the day we celebrate Canada every year. THIS year was very different. A march to Parliament to deliver the information on all of Trudeau’s crimes, then marched a copy to the US embassy. Those of us who could not be there, celebrated the agreement being signed (even if our jackass PM was still hiding and didn’t show up to sign it!!). We are just patiently waiting for all of the TRUMP cards to be laid and our embarrassing, pedophile,clown of a PM is taken care of once and for all! (I am also Albertan….we ALL hate Trudeau here!!!!

  1. Leftists around the world work with each other to try and arrange a one world socialist government, hopefully this scandal will destroy a lot of leftist governments. Hopefully but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

    • My knee-jerk survey of the typical CDN, who has been groomed to be if not anti-American then certainly anti-Republican … if this becomes more widely known, may propel Blackie Two-Face into instant folk hero as one who (whether he did or not) did his part on behalf of this post-nation, to oust Orange Man Bad.

      Aaaand, standing by our femme fatale, we would more deeply (as form of “national” ID) *hate* Trump should retaliation come in the form of economic hardship … I mean, further economic hardship.

      The MSM will spin this as an international effort to save the world from Trump, and thus totally laudable and justified. There would be no crime seen/scene here.

      • I get what you are saying because the media are masters at spinning the truth and lies in favour of the likes of turdeau and his ilk. But I hope you are wrong – I hope enough of us will be able to get the truth out.

        • Best Canadians wake the hell up to what Trudeau is allowing from the UN before we just become a communist nation , that God the USA has Trump , and to hell with the idiot Canadians that can not see what this moron Trudeau will bring on Canada

          • I agree Bernie.
            I’ve been trying for YEARS to wake Canadians. Some are STILL so brainwashed and believe the FakePress and to try to wake them.. is frustrating and tiresome.
            When they realized that we’ve ALL been lied to for more than 100 years.. the truth may be too hard for them to take. WE (the awake) must be patient with them and try to help them.
            Trump 2020!

    • Yes if it’s proven all the people of Canada should load their guns and do a citizens arrest on all the liberals and NDP and anyone that’s got their hand in the till

      • Unfortunately.. the RCMP and police (not all) but lots.. have been corrupt and compromised along with politicians. Trump is aware of what’s taking place in Canada. Trust the Plan!

        • You need to add the CPC into that lot. They signed us on to Agenda 2021. They are complicit. So are the premiers and non elected health officials. Canada is a mess. With China, UN and Muslim Brotherhood fighting for dominance during unrest, who is going to save us?

          • How do you figure that?

            Sometimes the site delays posting. That is the firewall. Also if there are a LOT of links in a post, the site holds it for us to approve to make sure it isn’t spam. If its not those things, how are you being censored please?

  2. Trudeau gave the Clinton Foundation 600,000,000 Canadian Taxpayer dollars.
    Trudeau’s involvement with the WE Charity has everything to do with child sex trafficking, paedophilia child sacrifice.The brothers were in league with the Clinton Foundation as well.
    Trudeau was involved with the COVID 19 virus and how it made if from the USA to a Class 4 Lab in Canada and gave Fauci 880,000 tax dollars to further the research on the virus and allowed it to be smuggled out of Canada into Wuhan China.

  3. I hope and pray that the end result of all Trudeau’s efforts is a stretched neck from the sudden jerk of the noose when the trap door drops out from under his feet.

    • Canada dropped the death penalty. Probably when capital offences against politicians ended and capital offences BY politicians became the norm.

  4. I would just like to say( I am Jewish) that a possible reason for ultra Orthodox Jews suffering high numbers of ccp infections, could be they are not getting enough sunlight. Naturally they must be fairly well covered but I feel somehow they must change this at certain times of day to get vitamin D. This is similar to muslim hijabbed women.

    • Ha ha yesterday the LeftistMSM was reporting Q and Pizzagate were just fake and that Q was actually only a pig farmer in the Philippines! What a bunch of liars the LeftistMSM are!

  5. Its clear as day what that corrupt fool is doing to Canada. He knows his days as a free man are almost up so lets keep up the covid narrative to by more time. Trudeau and Ford are selling Canada to china

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