A few news items suggesting that the war in Eastern Europe has marquee dates in nine other countries

Sofia Globe: Bucharest Nine: Russia is the most significant and direct threat to Allied security

Russia is the most significant and direct threat to Allied security, according to a declaration adopted on February 22 by the Bucharest Nine, at a meeting attended by the heads of state of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and the Slovak Republic, as well as US President Joe Biden and Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“A year ago, Russia ravaged peace and security in Europe by trying to subdue Ukraine by force. Kremlin’s actions led to a drastic degradation of the security environment in the Euro-Atlantic area, also gravely deteriorating the security of our partners,” the declaration said.

UPI.com: Joe Biden tells NATO, Bucharest Nine democracy is at stake in Ukraine war

Feb. 22 (UPI) — Calling the Eastern European countries that make up Bucharest Nine the “frontline of our collective defense” against Russia, U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday pledged the United States’ continued support, particularly with Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Biden talked with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and the Bucharest Nine leaders in Warsaw, Poland, as he concluded his three-day trip, which included a surprise visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

“You know better than anyone what’s at stake in this conflict, not just for Ukraine but for the freedom of democracies throughout Europe and around the world,” Biden said Wednesday. “That’s what President Zelensky and I talked about when I was in Kyiv. The leaders around this table have repeatedly stepped up to confirm our shared commitment to all of these values.”

Euractiv. com: Fresh from Kyiv, Biden rallies ‘Bucharest Nine’ allies in Warsaw

Fresh from his visit to Ukraine, US President Joe Biden will rally NATO’s eastern allies in Poland on Wednesday (22 February), a group of countries in which most – but not all – are strong supporters of military aid to Ukraine.

Biden used the trip to rally support for Ukraine as the war enters its second year, with no end in sight, and it came on the same day as a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he accused the West of seeking Russia’s destruction and dangled the threat of nuclear war.

Before returning to Washington on Wednesday, Biden will meet leaders of the Bucharest Nine, the countries on NATO’s eastern flank, to reaffirm support for their security.

The ‘Bucharest Nine’ (B9) was founded on 4 November 2015 in Bucharest, at the initiative of the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis and the President of Poland Andrzej Duda during a bilateral meeting between them. It gathers the Presidents of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Out of curiosity, what is the ethnicity of these nations? In general I mean. How diverse are they? What would the overall albedo of the peoples in all these nations, including Russia and Ukraine be like?

But wait, there’s more!

From the dialectic Daily Mail: Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban SNUBS Biden and Bucharest Nine meeting on president’s final day in Warsaw after saying only Trump could end war in Ukraine

Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban snubbed Wednesday’s meeting in Warsaw with President Joe Biden and the other Bucharest Nine leaders after insisting Donald Trump was the only person who could broker peace with Vladimir Putin.

Orban has been an outlier on the war in Ukraine, chiding the European Union for prolonging the conflict and saying in October that only former U.S. President Donald Trump could negotiate a deal between the Ukrainians and Russians to end the conflict.

‘This is going to sound brutal, but hope for peace goes by the name of Donald Trump,’ Orban said at the time, arguing Biden wasn’t the man for the job because he has ‘gone too far’ in calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal.

(Remember when being far right meant you started and fuelled wars? Those were the days.)

From a year ago:


Interesting interview with NATO chief on war with Russia

It is unfortunate that the NATO spokesman is so unfamiliar with game-theory that he reduces Russia’s nuclear option to one of rationality. Game theory actually shows that when a person is faced with losing everything and they only have a trump card left to play, a rational person likely will play it. What is rational is situational and perceptual.

US set to directly engage Russia

1. 101st Airborne deployed in Romania

2. NATO US Airborne and British army troops land in Latvia

3. CBS News in Romania with the 101

(There is more in the Daily Reader’s Links Post. They all seem to have the theme, “The fight started when he hit me back”. The US will directly engage Russia “if the war escalates”. Of course defining what escalation is will be at the sole discretion of the United States and will be as meaningful as the new definitions the US made for “Vaccines”, “Pandemics”, “Terrorism”, “Insurrection”, “Racism” and any other word that is subject to change for what is in the interests of the Democrat party and its ambitions at any given moment. These are neither NATO nations, nor are they even EU. But it does seem that the United States, NATO, the UK and the EU are all determined to put us all in the crosshairs of a world war with a nuclear armed nation that has vastly superior nuclear weapons and delivery systems than does the West. Russia, if open source material is to be believed, has hypersonic first strike nuclear missiles. Russia’s incursion into the Donbas was a bad move. But US refusal to allow Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal with Russia was a worse one. Once again it may be worth reading the Hungarian Credit-Swiss financial analyst, Zoltan Pozsar, who seems to have a pretty good grasp of the geopolitics of why this is happening, on the likely results of this scenario, and why it is playing out as it is.

Frankly I think between the WEF front men like Biden and Trudeau and Putin’s past as a KGB info-warrior, or at least the leader of a nation heavily involved in it, I think they have finally found a way to start a world war with no good guys.)


PayPal’s WEF connections, French protest NATO and some materials on Russia and Ukraine: Links 2, October 10, 2022

1. Globalist Blunder: WEF-Controlled PayPal Unleashes Chinese Social Credit Ambitions Prematurely

Based on PayPal and the WEF’s past statements, actions, and future goals, it is more likely they are mad they got caught, not sorry.

World Economic Forum’s (WEF) partner, PayPal, is walking back its new policy based on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “social credit” model after causing international outrage. Although PayPal claims its policy was released in error, it’s what the WEF and its “partners” have been threatening for years, a global social credit system that will give them the power to control citizens and punish those they deem “untrustworthy.”

(Please read the rest at RAIR linked above. PayPal and the WEF links are deep and previously unknown to this site.)

2. French take to the streets in numbers to protest, chanting: “let’s quit NATO immediately! Sortons vite de l’OTAN”

(The Democrats are doing irreparable harm to the West and its institutions. They are so good at it, it has to have been the intention.)

The next few items are updates on the Ukraine war. The only opinion I would care to offer is one from a US military intel friend of ours who said at the start of this conflict, “One should judge Russia’s actions by what they can do relative to what they actually do.”

Open this link in Chrome and translate. Its the process by which the bridge was attacked. At this point I don’t think there is any dispute as to who did it, but still, check this out.

As what is likely a response to the explosive film canister attack on the bridge, this all happened:

Kyiv says Russia launched 75 missiles on Ukraine Monday morning

The following is alleged to be Russian released footage, of the Black Sea fleet launching Cruise missile earlier today towards Ukraine.

The result of today’s Russian missile strikes:

??Metro in Kiev and Kharkov stopped

??Power cuts in:
– Lviv
– Zhitomir
– Sumy
– Kharkiv
– Khmelnitsky
– Poltava
– Ternopl
– Lutsk
– Rivne

??In many cities of #Ukraine , there are problems with water supply and the Internet

Daily Mail: Missile barrage unleashed on Ukraine is merely the ‘first episode’ of Putin’s revenge, Moscow vows as Poland carries out bomb shelter checks following rocket blitz and Belarus announces ‘joint military force’ with Russia

A huge missile barrage unleashed on Ukraine today is merely the ‘first episode’ of Russia’s revenge for a blast which crippled the Crimea Bridge and ‘there will be others’, one of Putin’s staunchest allies has warned today.

Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president himself, said Ukraine poses ‘a constant, direct and clear’ threat and that the Kremlin should aim to ‘completely dismantle the political regime of Ukraine’ which he described as ‘Nazi’.

He spoke shortly after Putin let rip with 83 missiles at what he claimed were military, energy and communications networks in Ukraine. Kyiv said the missiles actually hit power plants and busy civilian areas in major cities, killing at least 11 and wounding scores more. It was Russia’s largest single barrage since the opening day of the war.

Looking at these materials reminds me of the movie, The Fog of War. A lengthy interview with secretary of Defence under Kennedy, Robert Strange Mcnamara. A very interesting man. If I remember correctly, he basically invented the seatbelt for cars. Was the first President of the Ford Motor Co. who was not a member of the Ford family and other major accomplishments.

In the film he discussed the letters that passed between Chairman Khrushchev and President Kennedy about the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was an attempt by two men to deescalate a situation which was brought about by a series of events, and IMO the public perception of which, was created by media lies. Something Julian Assange is quite adamant about in terms of the causes of wars. In this instance, it is that few people knew that the US had nuclear missiles in Turkey, spitting distance from the USSR. This fact changes the complexion of the Soviet move to put missiles in Cuba. 

Here is a link to the second letter. The one which references the missiles in Turkey.

The relevant segment of The Fog of War

From the first soft message letter to Kennedy:

Mr. President, we and you ought not now to pull on the ends of the rope in which you have tied the knot of war, because the more the two of us pull, the tighter that knot will be tied. And a moment may come when that knot will be tied so tight that even he who tied it will not have the strength to untie it, and then it will be necessary to cut that knot. And what that would mean is not for me to explain to you, because you yourself understand perfectly of what terrible forces our countries dispose.

It continues:

I have participated in two wars and know that war ends when it has rolled through cities and villages, everywhere sowing death and destruction.

I have a request to all of you who may grace this post.

Take your own personal estimate of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Not the one you speak publicly of, but your own personal private estimate of the characters and natures of these two men, and replace Kennedy with Biden and Khrushchev with Putin. Then ask yourself how things would have resolved in the Cuban Missile crisis. More importantly, ask yourself how these two men, Biden and Putin are dealing with Russia and Ukraine and where it is likely to go.

Thank you for your kind attention to these pages.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Putin’s speech yesterday

First, Dr. Steve Turley does his analysis of Putin’s speech and actions within that speech yesterday:

Below is the entire speech with a live, real-time English translation voice over. I asked our long standing Russian translator to check it and she said it was honest, but sloppy and lacked nuance as all live voiceover translations do. But you get the gist.

Below, English subtitles. It may be a better translation


Russia takes more militant stance on it’s war with Ukraine

This report is more spin than fact. But what isn’t in war time. More will be posted as it becomes available. But it isn’t good whatever view you get. This discussion on a referendum in Donbas is ludicrous. It needs to be looked into if the people of the Donbas actually held a referendum before the invasion, or if this is something the people of the Donbas actually want. In any case, here is a report on today’s announcement by Putin and we will post more as we get it. Hopefully we can find a factual one which details just what Putin said and you can make up your own minds.

(As soon as I can find a straight forward video that explains what Putin actually said, I will post it at the top. [Done] Meanwhile here are people interpreting it and its meaning for us all. As annoying as that is in the absence of knowing what he actually said.)

Executive Order on partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation

The President signed Executive Order On Declaring Partial Mobilisation in the Russian Federation.

As per federal laws No. 61-FZ On Defence, dated May 31, 1996, and No. 31-FZ On Mobilisation Preparations and Mobilisation in the Russian Federation, dated February 26, 1997, and Federal Law No. 53-FZ On the Military Duty and Military Service, dated March 28, 1998, the President declared a partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation as of September 21, 2022.

The Executive Order provides for calling up citizens of the Russian Federation for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of the mobilisation effort. Citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service as part of mobilisation will enjoy the status of military personnel serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under contract.

The Executive Order sets forth money allowances for the citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service as part of mobilisation, as well as the duration of the military service contracts signed by the military personnel, grounds for discharging military personnel serving under contract, as well as citizens called up for military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of mobilisation.

Corresponding instructions have been issued to the Government of the Russian Federation and top government officials in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Under the Executive Order, citizens of the Russian Federation employed by defence companies will benefit from an exemption from the mobilisation draft for the period of their employment by these organisations. The Government of the Russian Federation shall define the categories of citizens of the Russian Federation who have the right to draft exemptions and the manner in which these exemptions shall be provided.


UPDATE: Thank you JU for posting this


Comparing a Steve Bannon video from today to a video from 2014 of French officials predicting the future

First, today’s video from Steve Bannon on the changes taking place in the world:

Watching this earlier, reminded me of a video we subtitled in March or so, of clips from 2014 and earlier of major influencers. WEF types, and even Nicholas Sarkozy, former President of France and their predictions for today. The key phrase in both videos, is that these changes are so big, we won’t be able to stop it.

When I went looking for the March video, the one now below, I found it first on our 3Speak channel, but it wouldn’t play for some reason. Then I checked RAIR Foundation and they have an embed from Rumble, and it wouldn’t play there, or on Rumble itself.

I tried uploading it to Bitchute on one channel and it wouldn’t work despite playing with the file and container. It claimed to process right away then just showed a black screen for 30 seconds.

There could be an innocent technical reason for all this. Maybe that video doesn’t like the Safari Browser or something. But the only time I have ever gotten close to this much difficulty with a video before, was under the Obama regime and a Bulgarian video about how he funded, trained and equipped Al-Qaeda to fight Al Assad. That video was allowed to be seen shortly after Trump took office in 2016.

The video above I tried on at least 4 platforms. Some of them don’t even exist anymore, like Video.me but ALL of them would not show this video, or it was pulled down in under an hour. Not just pulled down, but no explanation or warning. YouTube, of which I had an account at that time, yanked it immediately with no explanation or strike or anything.

Anyway, hopefully this video we did in March of French elites works. More explanation of what you see and who these people are can be read at RAIR Foundation.com.

Especially on who Jacques Attali is as one of the main architects of much of our misery now and to come.