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7 Replies to “Trudeau teaches us the meaning of ‘speaks with forked tongue’”

  1. Justine does not know Imam Kathrada from Victoria BC in CANADA said in October 11, 2019 “All Canadians in the upcoming election are evil, filthy, Non-Muslims who will support homosexuality and Zionism”.

    March7, 2019 another darling Imam, of the Religion of Peace said, “It is time for us to pick stones to stone these people to death for this abomination…Allah imposes this responsibility upon us.”

    Abu Huraira Center, CANADIAN Bilal Philips “ Anti-gay rhetoric is evil and dangerous – under Islamic law the punishment is death”. He hates the Jews.

    Imam Mustafa Khattab of the Anatolia Islamic Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA “Gays are diseased—require a special treatment. he does not like to be associated with them”.

    Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, Canadian of Hibtz it-Tharir / the Muslim Brotherhood hoods, living in London, Ontario, CANADA
    “No matter what the manipulative elite do they will fail at this manipulative scheme, and Islam will rise once again in the Muslim lands, and the Ummah (Islamic Nation) will unite under a single Sincere Islamic leadership and Muslim lands- including “Africa, the Middle East, the subcontinent, parts of Europe, Central Asia and parts of Eastern Asia will be fully restored under complete Muslim control and there is nothing the lying, fear o gearing scum of the Capitalists elite can do about it.”

    On his Facebook pages he also says Canadian soldiers are war criminals and Muslims owe Canadians nothing.

    Papineau Mosque, way back in 2006 the Imam said. “God kill against Allah – Fight the holy war.”

    The hate speech list is long but Justine’s list of global collaborative friends is long also. We Canadians have been told and told what hate monger, racist, xenophobic, ISLAMOPHOBIC bad people we are. I say enough is enough, Justine needs to step down, he is not a leader, he is one terribly bad joke who is destroying Canada. If this feckless @#$#*&# insists on bring any more migrants into Canada, all Canadian “politicians” should absolutely insist they be Christians, the one group that is being slaughtered worldwide for their beliefs. As for all the homeless Canadians and neglected veterans……..

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