A few items for anyone who is concerned about being DOXXED for perfectly legal contributions [UPDATED]

Recently, the government of Canada, Canadian enemy propaganda organizations such as CBC, CTV and Global News, and criminal hackers partnered up to create an extra-legal system to punish counter-revolutionaries.

For clarity’s sake, it is the view of this site and has been for years now, that rule of law is dead and has been replaced with a simple system, but which is nearly universally not seen for what it is.

The system is that anyone who acts in the interests of the communist revolution no matter how violent or illegal or damaging, will be allowed, rewarded, their actions amplified and rewarded and at worst forgiven. Take what Justin Trudeau said about left wing activists that burned down 57 Churches for example. Or the blocking of railways. Or more recently, the attack on a pipeline by violent eco-terrorists.

Coastal GasLink site in B.C. left with millions in damage after ‘violent attack’ by masked assailants wielding axes

‘In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside’

RCMP are investigating what is being described as a “organized violent attack” on pipeline workers, police and equipment at a Coastal GasLink drilling site near the Morice River in northern British Columbia.

Mounties were called for reports that 20 masked people, some of them wielding axes, had attacked security guards at the work site near Houston, B.C., shortly after midnight Thursday, smashing the windows of their vehicle.

(I guess it’s OK cause they were wearing masks)

The other end of the same continuum is that anyone who is a counter-revolutionary, or acts as an impediment to the revolution now nearly complete, will be punished by the law, if their actions can be interpreted as illegal by any stretch, or by new arcane laws which are created for this purpose, like hate-speech laws which only ever serve the revolution. But also by the use of retroactive illegalization of normal democratic things, and by partnering with criminals so that people who are supporting counter-revolutionary acts can be punished way beyond the law, but with approval or assistance by government and its weaponized Maoist mass line narrative manufacturers, the traditional media such as CBC, CTV, and Global.

The most recent example is the obtaining of names and addresses of people who contributed to a perfectly legal and peaceful protest against what are in fact, illegal and unconstitutional mandates that were created for two weeks and now are two years. This is called hacking and is very illegal. The next phase is DOXXINg or publicly exposing the people who have been hacked so all may know who and how much was given. The media then went out to intimidate the givers MAFIA style, sending out emails like this:


A hack of the website GiveSendGo has revealed the list of donors who contributed to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraising page, which is raising money to support anti-lockdown protesters in Ottawa.

The Canadian courts have frozen the funds as criminal property.

One of the donations was made under the following email address:


Do you have any comment?


Stewart Bell
National Online Journalist, Investigative
Global News
81 Barber Greene Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 2A2


So this is pretty much a partnership. The government takes over the banks. A criminal hacks the data base of fund raising sites, and government weaponized propaganda sites go out to humiliate and threaten donors, who made the donations when it was 100% legal and still is constitutionally speaking, and the government uses the stolen info to freeze bank accounts.

An IT friend of ours has suggested a few things you can do.

I have no idea if these will work or not, I simply do not have the expertise. But they don’t seem like unreasonable precautions:

ANYTHING bank related, apps, phone numbers, email addresses you need to consider to be compromised.

Set up 2FA on your emails.

Create a NEW Email to associate with any bank accounts you have or create.

Get a NEW Cell phone number for any bank related activity. Probably best to create a new bank account and do all this. new email, phone number and bank account at another bank.

Or, have faith that the government will treat you fairly and do nothing.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Post script, this is not to avoid being caught for a crime. This is to avoid being the victim of one.

Some comments are now in under this post. Please read them all. I am certain more will come with valuable info. But I wanted to add this one from Snowdog right away to the post:

Some brief background:  I’m an IT systems engineer.

I’ve had a look through the GSG donor dump, and it is disturbing to say the least.  I also located a Python-based “scraper” specifically designed to harvest data from the GSG platform.  Inside that script was a URL and instructions on how to retrieve data – I tested it briefly.  You should know, that GSG data retrieval is still ACTIVE – although the scraper I examined “only” pulls names, donation amounts, comments, and other misc. info.  No email addresses or IP addresses are obtainable using that method.  This is definitely NOT the case with the “big” GSG dump, which has it all.

So I’ve come up with a few thoughts on trying to “anonymize” donations. The tips presented by Eeyore are a good start.  I might add the following suggestions:

1.  Use a VPN when connecting to give your donation.  It takes some research to find a good one, but among other things, concentrate on *where* the VPN provider is located and under what laws govern it’s operations.  Stay OUT of the 5-eyes countries, or dealing with any provider that adopts the governing laws of those countries!!

2.  Get an “anonymous” email provider.  You need to use this address sparingly, and only for things for which you need to protect your identity.  Some providers are located in countries with very strict privacy laws.  Some will allow you to pay in crypto.  Many do not keep records and even subject themselves to independent audits.  When setting up or accessing your account, connect using the VPN if possible, or even Tor (some providers work over Tor for webmail, some do not).  DO NOT USE any account name that can be easily connected back to you.  Make it is unique, obscure, and nothing you’ve ever used before or will ever use again!

3.  Consider prepaid cards (debit, credit?).  Don’t know the options in Canada, but in the States these are common and do not usually require a name attached to them.  Pay cash to “charge” the card.  When registering the card online, use the VPN.

4. NEVER USE YOUR NAME WHEN MAKING A DONATION.  This is one of the reasons for the prepaid cards vs. a conventional CC.  With a conventional CC, you have to give your REAL NAME for validation.  In the GSG hack, CC numbers were not (apparently) harvested, but the names were (even if the person chose to be “anonymous”). With the GSG hack, selecting “anonymous” appears only to have impacted whether your name appeared in the website public “donor” list.  The hackers still got people’s real names.

5.  Avoid providing superfluous data, such as comments.  One “analyst” who had access to a restricted set of the GSG data (no IPs or email addresses), analyzed comments to ascertain the potential origins and general identities of donors. E.g.  “When I served in Iraq, we fought for freedom, not these draconian mandates…” (you get the idea), or “We support you here in Texas!!”.

6. This should be obvious but it bears repeating:  NEVER USE A COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS!!  A bunch of GSG donors did this, and are now looking for new jobs.

7.  Keep your gob SHUT!  No need to tell anyone you contributed.


1.  Even if you follow these suggestions I cannot guarantee you anonymity.  Don’t trust me at all – don’t trust anyone – do your own research!  Your mileage may vary.

2.  If an alphabet agency really, really, really wants to hunt you down, they probably can succeed.  The goal is to make it hard and not worth-their-while to expend those kinds of resources over a $50 donation.  However, you can certainly prevent the “hacktivists” and their “journalist” allies from easily doxxing you.  It can also provide plausible deniability if you do it right.

3.  I fully agree with Eeyore.  This is NOT about circumventing laws to commit criminal acts!  This is about protecting yourself when engaged in legal activities that the establishment now deems to be “fair game” in their war against freedom.

Final Thoughts:

I have no idea WHY GSG is STILL allowing public information on donors to be scraped.  Donations are STILL rolling in, and names are accessible.  The primary NGO involved (Distributed Denial of Secrets) is serving as the “clearing house” for hacked data.  They are a very nasty bunch, and they target only conservative outlets.  They claim there is an even bigger dump coming, and that the GSG site is still vulnerable and they are still harvesting PII. GSG IS NOT SAFE!!  DDOSecrets also provides the products of ransomware dumps – dubiously claiming it’s in “the public domain” because the thieves dumped their booty onto the dark web.  They are obviously a protected racket, or they would have been busted years ago.  They are likely affiliated with government intelligence agencies.



The state of democracy in Canada: Ottawa police chief explains

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely.

This investigation will go on for months to come.”

Ottawa Mayor declares state of emergency, police begin arresting entirely peaceful protestors

This will be updated as information comes in. But it feels like it needs to open with WTH, I thought we were already in a state of emergency which was the justification for the mandates, lock downs, vaxx pass and government intimidation, threats and blackmail to get everyone to take the Fauci goo.


Ottawa Police announce digital surveillance of Freedom Convoy protesters, supporters, and donors


German woman details the state abduction of her children, additional punishment because she tried to sing to them

This is a horrifying story of how a socialist state does justice. She was guilty of a political crime only. A thought-crime, as Orwell might have described it. Watch her description of how the state determined how long to imprison her children. There is not even the pretence of disease control. In fact the children were healthy before their arrest and imprisonment, and caught Covid once inside.

Please read the description over at RAIR Foundation.

Australia protests and riot videos and news for September 25, 2021

Australia gets its own post today. What is happening there is of major importance. Let’s say that there really is a pandemic and all they say about Covid is true. What is happening across the world to our liberties, cultures and rights amounts to hunting mosquitoes with a Howitzer.

Open post on prison Melbourne for September 23, 2021


It feels like now is a good time to reiterate one of the philosophical premises under which this site posts.

The left’s attack on our civilization, which is all but complete at this point, has many vectors. One of the most effective within the greater category of linguistic based attacks, is taxonomy. The left constantly adjusts the level of abstraction, or put another way, the level of categorization one uses in order to turn your point into an attack on you. To make up an example, say you have a problem with coyotes on your farm. The left would make it about mammals and that mammals are bad and we should get rid of all farm animals. Something they seem to be trying to do as a matter of fact.

In context, there are a number of attacks on The West using this strategy which must be understood for what they are, which are taxonomic attacks.


War is bad

Cops are bad

Vaccines are bad

Etc. ad nauseam. We have to remember that war is bad when the cost of it is higher than the reward, or that there is no moral imperative for it. But when fighting for the survival of your freedom, culture, people, lives, its cheaper to fight the war, so war is good, or at least the lesser bad of the options.

Police are great when they protect your civil rights, property and safety from criminals, and in the US, when they uphold their oaths to protect the people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But when they become mere thugs of the state, blunt force instruments of tyrants, obviously bad. 

Vaccines follow the same logic as police and war. When the overall cost benefit is there, great. When its questionable or forced on a population as an instrument of tyranny, not so much. Accusing people of being pro or anti any of these things is a taxanomic attack on them in order to defeat something other than the issue. As is often stated, with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. With this in mind, we may be able to judge events in Australia with a clearer head. Not that it looks any better. But we should know where to direct the anger. At the moment, Canadian police are the opposite of Melbourne’s. They have formed groups in opposition to using them as state thugs. Now that there are vaxx passports in play in Ontario, we shall see if that changes. But the issue is not police. Its THOSE police, because they are no longer police. They are the people driving the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

Thanks to some dedicated readers there is a lot of great videos and information about what is taking place in the city-prison of Melbourne Australia. Please post additional videos and news to the comments in this post for the rest of September 23 if you would, and as able, I will move some or all to the post itself to the point where it is practical. This post will be updated all day.

Starting with this observation from Malevolent Pixie:

Things are grim in Melbourne Vlad.
I’ve been trawling for info all afternoon and have found scant reporting.
From the following video it looks like a total blackout while a military style operation in underway, whilst the corporate media pump out propaganda denigrating the protesters.
Quote from video: “Guys! anyone with a camera in their hands like me today is at a high risk of being arrested, even with a good reason”
“I just copped a $5000 fine, but it was worth it”
“were in a prison here in Victoria boys”

Hunting Humans:

Avi Yemeni report on counter-terrorism units deployed against construction workers protesting

Funny how if you George Floyd a man who is not a thug, thief, mugger and high on lethal amounts of drugs, no one gives a crap.

This seems kind of arbitrary

Police kick man in face while being held down by 3 cops

Some powerful photos:

Police tell Avi Yemeni he has to cover the riots from remote police station

This appears to be a ‘best of’ state thugs videos. But its missing a lot I can swear. I have seen much worse in Telegram videos and sent in to the comments

Sky News, the only non enemy propaganda news network we know of in Australia other than Avi Yemeni and Rebel News, does this coverage of the mass arrests police have made of freedom protestors.

(Can’t say I agree with the Shrine narrative though. If I wanted to seem fair I would call it “competing narratives” or something. But those who died fighting the Ottoman Empire, or the Nazis or the Japanese, all fought and died for freedom. So it seems the perfect place to protest the edicts of Oberführer Dan Andrews)

Day three at the shrine

Victoria police are banning aerial video and photos of the demonstrations. Not sure how this can be said to be anything other than a police state when they want to thug the public and block any reportage or evidence getting out. I hope every protestor in Melbourne has a body cam.

This is 9 News which is blatantly enemy propaganda. You can often tell from the choice of, and use of, totally unnecessary harsh adjectives to tell you how to think about an event, rather than inform you about the event. So all we know about this really is, they closed a vaxx centre.

Australia’s waterpark slide into tyranny and authoritarianism post 2

1. 7News propaganda organ condemns freedom protests with the harshest adjectives it could think of while Victorian Police lie about respecting rights to protest, then threaten protestors in strong terms.

2. Protests due to “far right extremists” because only far right extremists would want the most basic of civil liberties like not being force injected with experimental goo, or to go for a coffee without doing so. For that matter, there doesn’t appear to be much evidence getting the goo allows any more freedoms. In any case, “far right extremists”. But when there are this many, doesn’t that require a redefining of “extreme”? Cause typically that would be less than 1% of any group, wouldn’t it?

3. Media now denied ability to film riot police crushing freedom

If anyone wonders why the state will not allow filming of the use of the monopoly of state force against the people, Goebbels explained it perfectly here:

4. Military in unmarked vehicle attack unarmed protestor (2nd video)

5. Police fire rubber bullets at Tradies protestors

Thank you all who contributed to this post. We are a little frantic here at Vlad Tepes and I hope you will forgive us if posting is slightly more chaotic and unrefined for the day. 

Don’t forget that at 8:00 tonight ET, Project Veritas’ second expose of the Vaxx is being released. And speaking at a personal level, the first release met and exceeded expectations in several ways. They promise this will be more impactful tonight.

Australia’s waterpark slide into tyranny and authoritarianism post 1

Boy that must be one bad flu to justify this:

1. Police rush at unsuspecting crowds and open fire to disperse them

2. A couple of Ozzies show us how it’s done

3. ‘Police’ randomly fire into crowds with kids. Presumably with rubber bullets or whatever they are. Sure adds a lot of weight to the post we did over a year ago of the various purchase orders for massive amounts of crowd control measures that the Trudeau and other governments put out as tenders, doesn’t it? This was planned way back, and they anticipated the reaction in ‘Reflexivity’ terms, as Soros would put it. Did put it.

4. Getting shot in the back with rubber bullets for your health

5. What was that chant ANTIFA used all the time? Maybe a variation is called for: This is what — fascism sounds like

Thank you M., Malevolent Pixie, and to the Bitchute channel of Free Speech Warrior from whom I took many items already today, and all who are following Australia and posting materials to this site.

NSW Australian police warning to all subjects :”The time for warnings is gone”

This is pretty clear. But the accent is all wrong. Suggest trying to hear it in your head as either in a mid 20th century Russian or German accent, or if you are familiar with it, contemporary North Korean.

Thank you Oz-Rita and perhaps more importantly, condolences.

NSW Oz: How oppression becomes a virtue nearly overnight

Last night, Oz-Rita, who is in NSW Australia, alerted me to a press conference she was watching at the time, (which was the morning of the 11th for her, the night of the 10th for NA) so dialling in, I was horrified to see the NSW police deputy commissioner Gary Worboys, brag about busting a teen’s birthday party, some other kids playing Nintendo, a middle aged men’s card game and other major crimes in the Sidney area. The absolute winning comment from the wannabe Stalin, was: “Police have always said that they will be firm, but fair. We are now in a position where we need to be much more firm than fair”.

If there was a shred of democratic impulse left in people, there should be a demo of hundreds of thousands of people soon where at least 10% of the signs would have his image and that quote.

To make it easy for them, I modified the image and put it here should anyone wish to download it and put it on a sign.

Officials from the region have made it clear: “No browsing” and no shopping with other people.


Below, the segments with the police spokesman from this morning’s presser:

The full press conference can be seen here, for anyone studiously wishing to chart the descent into communism the world is on.

For those that do watch the whole video, watch the two women, one of whom is Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW, and Dr. Kerry Chant, public health physician who is the chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia since 2008. Both women speak in a way that reminds us of this video from a Dr. of Psychology, who explained the Nudge methods of public control that is being used on all of us.