So about our Mastodon Pod

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived at that time again, and rather quickly. Meaning that although we doubled the server space and cost of the Mastodon Pod, it is now nearly already full and in order to keep it going, I have to decide to double the cost and server space again.

It is a great place to hang out and we are now federated all over the place. I think what that means is, many other pods are federated with ours and we have a lot of users in our pod and others, all cross reading each other across different pods. The odd thing is there isn’t that much interaction. Few replies. likes or boosts of people’s posts, just a lot lot lot of posts. So if we keep it going, please remember to boost and like and even reply to posts you find engaging for one reason or another.

But this post is to ask a few of you to go to our Paypal and consider setting up a small monthly to help cover the costs if you like the pod. I know Twitter doesn’t charge but we don’t have adds. We have to cover the costs of the pod ourselves. Which started at a small $20.00 a month but is about to go to $100.00 and at that point a little help would be great.

So if maybe 30 or 40 people went to our PayPal and set up a $2.00/moth contribution it would cover enough of it so that the balance would be easy for we at Vlad to pay.

As I understand it, we have a little less than a week to decide what to do. Let it crash, or double the space.

Thanks for your kind attention to this little administrative detail.

The good news is that its successful though.This was I think the third time we tried to launch a mastodon pod and the first two died due to lack of interest. This one took off but now is getting a little costly to run.

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7 Replies to “So about our Mastodon Pod”

  1. I would be happy to donate if you were not using Paypal. After their BS with wanting to arbitrarily take $2,500 per offense/unapproved speech out of user’s accounts, I dumped them and will never deal with them or their companies again. Please find a better payment platform, and I will be happy to send money.

  2. I’ve tried making a small donation but the system isn’t letting me complete the transaction.
    There’s no indication of the cause so it might just be a glitch in the system. Who can tell these days.
    I thought it more important to give you some money than to punish PayPal. But that’s just me because I’m weaning myself off using it whenever possible. It seems PayPal have made the decision for me.

  3. I set up a recurring payment to be one of the needed 30-40, despite the PayPal situation. I will also be dumping PP as soon as I figure out what the next best thing is. Not easy :/

    But where is the hang out spot you mentioned? How do I find it? Please, if you have a moment, and thank you 🙂

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