The perfect example of Frankfurt School Discourse theory: Making opposition to govt. policy illegal

At a dinner once, I was given a licence to only say the word, “Dialectic” three times. After that, no dessert. So I learned to save it for the best uses.

This video below is a stellar example of the Frankfurt School’s Discourse theory. The way that works, is that a communist think-tank comes up with a concept they want to force onto the mainstream. They call that “a consensus”. Usually its to impose a pseudo-reality onto the public at the expense of reality. Often really obvious untruths like men can make themselves real women just by saying they are, and any attempt to stop them from all aspects of female life is a semi-crime.

The way this is done, is to make any opposition to the consensus, “hate-speech”. This is a form of dialectics. Targeted use of language and concepts to always force the culture farther and farther to the left. Examples are easy. Critical race theory. Critical gender theory. Global Warming, which if there was any honesty in the left, would be called, “critical climate theory”.

In this case, it was the Spanish Parliament. A VOX member was making the case that unbridled and massive illegal immigration resulted in certain kinds of criminality.

When he made this case, he was reminded by the president of that parliament, I assume equivalent to the Speaker of the House or Speaker of a British style Parliamentary system, that to equate immigration with crime was illegal and he must take it back and not do it again. There is zero consideration as to the truth or falsity, or even consequences to his claim. It’s that it is a claim that may not be made.

This would be because the plan is to flood the West with African and Islamic migrants with no vetting in order to prepare it for the death of all of its concepts of national identity and individual rights and replace it with an authoritarian essentially Marxist Leninist state, as they are preparing us for in Canada as well under Mark Carney and Justin Trudeau.

Normally the use of Discourse Theory is a little harder to spot. Slightly more subtle. Just real enough to make you sort of accept it while you get that increasingly familiar buzzing in your head from trying to accept what makes no logical sense. But this exchange in the Spanish Parliament was deliciously clear cut. Habermas’ Discourse theory perfectly applied in a Parliamentary situation such that no factual reference to the consequences of the massive invasion of Spain can be made. Not even it seems, pointing out that Illegal immigration is in fact, illegal.

Keep an eye on Stephen Coughlin’s Twitter feed. One suspects he will have something to say about this one.

Below, a refresher course on exactly what Discourse Theory is and how it is applied:

Please also see RAIR Foundation’s write up on the Spanish video


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