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Remember when then President Trump was the only man in the world that was not allowed to block people from commenting on his tweets? Trudeau of course blocks anyone who challenges him from what I saw. But Trump literally was not allowed to block anyone, and as a consequence, every tweet had a huge string of at least hundreds of insults, vulgarity and accusations.

Let’s have a look at the New Twitter:

Let the bells ring! Let the Birds fly!


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  1. then President Trump
    Verbal jujitsu to diminish PTrump.

    An ambassador, a general, a stinkin’ Ph.D retain their titles for life, if they choose to use it. Etiquette varies in different countries, Dr. Brien of London has a mini-screed about this somewhere.

    But to add qualifiers to the honorific for a _POTUS_ is to diminish the office itself. No less than 0, Bush, or Shrub, it’s President Trump forever.

    (As terms of endearment “PT” or “PTrump” are also proper.)

    • Yes but I wanted to emphasize the point that when Twitter forbade him from blocking even bots who attacked him, he was in fact president of the United States.

      Not using the title as an honorific.

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