Dr. Andrew Bostom on Blaze TV: Twitter and the new Lysenkoism in the West

Please watch the entire thing. Andrew cuts to the chase at the end. Being permanently suspended from Twitter is certainly a serious thing when all you did was post a peer reviewed paper on the vaxx and male fertility.

Put another way, you are put in information solitary confinement for speaking what is scientific truth in the National Town Square.

By the end of the video, Dr. Bostom starts to talk about the state of science in the US. I would extrapolate that to the entire West. He specificlly cites Lysenko. The Soviet conclusion based reasoning method that destroyed so many lives in so many ways from 1917 to today in communist states.

3Speak appears to be down. Below is the same clip from Bitchute

Dr. Bostom suspended by Twitter for posting CDC data on mRNA shot and Covid deaths

Dr. Bostom was suspended from Twitter for posting CDC generated data on vaxx deaths etc. This video was made to show how in fact, the data that got him suspended was indeed generated from the CDC’s own tables and can be reproduced by anyone.

Dr Andrew Bostom on the current state of Vaxx fail

Dr. Bostom calls in to a Rhode Island talk show to discuss among other things, the new Israeli data that really doesn’t look good for the mRNA shots.

US radio host suffers saddle pulmonary embolus after 1st mRNA shot, gets anticoagulants and talked into 2nd

A radio talk show host, subbing in for Matt Allen in Rhode Island, went for his 1st mRNA shot, so either Pfizer or Mode-RNA (MODERNA) and suffered a saddle pulmonary embolus. A type of embolism. If not treated it would be lethal. They treated him with anticoagulants and then talked him into the second shot. In this show he talked about it and explained he will not get the booster. He is lucky to be alive. He had no other reason why he would suffer this kind of clotting event. It was almost certainly from the mRNA shot, as this is now a well known effect of that technology.

In this call, the host has already explained these details and we catch 2 callers, “Bill” and Dr. Andrew Bostom who wonders why its seemingly not being reported to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database.

(If i got anything wrong, i will correct as its pointed out to me by any of the principles in this story.)

Understanding vaccine hesitancy is to understand Google’s censorship of scientific fact and orthodoxy

The following video was posted just this week of Dr. Andrew Bostom, who went on to Blaze TV to discuss two subjects: Islamic antisemitism and the facts around adverse effects of the Covid injections, and the reality of the danger from the virus itself.

Youtube struck down the Covid segment and gave Dr. Bostom a strike. Presumably for “Covid misinformation” but clearly in the communist sense, meaning Covid actual information that may cause people to think and act in a way other than what is planned for them.

There is nothing for us to do but post the clip again. So here it is:

Andrew Bostom: Mask Mandates do not work

Dr. Bostom explains that there are indeed peer reviewed double blind studies showing that Mask mandates do not work, and perhaps more importantly, there are none that show they do. Yet so much of the world is being forced to submit to them with more force of law than the emergency act allows.