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3 Replies to “Paul Weston on the resentment of the muzzled against the non-compliant”

  1. Paul Weston is very well spoken here, laying the situation quite bare. Now, it has become a matter of keeping up with the regulations vis-√†-vis masks. I think as of yesterday we’re supposed to wear it in the common areas of an apartment building in my city. This really is crazy. There is now so little virus around and so much control the divergence is at once stunning and horrifying. Where does it stop?

    As he says, conspiracy theories aside (UFOs are conspiracy theory, communist insurgency is not), maybe the politicians and the top bureaucrats are simply having too much fun.

    I know alot of people are having fun. Not having to drive to work every day is fun. Staying in your fluffy ardvark slippers till 11 a.m. while being paid to do so is fun. Pretending to work while keeping the same pay as before is fun. Being able to use this communist Chinese virus as an excuse for everything under the sun is fun. –Blame that late deliveries, the lost dentist appointment, and the lack of product on the store shelves all on the bug. Sure, a few people still have to do things like lay bricks, and stock liquor store shelves, but those little worker bees will always keep themselves busy. They’re programmed that way. Psychiatrists must be having a great time treating all the mentally ill by virtual devices while seeing their money go up by electronic deposits. No shortage of patients now, I bet. The school boards have changed their opening plans countless times even though they’ve had many months to get ready for September. They remain confused as to how to get the kids back to school. Considerations regarding social distancing and masks have the teachers, their unions and their boards so twisted out of shape they will likely waste everyone’s time this year. And all of their worry is based on the science that says masks and social distancing will be effective. Well, if I am overly suspicious of the science then why do government and msm try so hard to close this same science by cherry picking facts and cancelling the doctors who question it?

    As an aside, I still marvel at the architectural skills of our dystopian builders. If I recall correctly, the N95 was discouraged in its use at the start so that precious supplies were available to medical pros, right? But never once have I heard of governments or the makers of these masks boosting production to supply everyone. Why? Is it because it never was about public health and safety, but control and compliance as Paul Weston says?
    That’s a “tell” right there.

    Fun. How fun will it be once the money runs out? This has only been the honeymoon period of our Covid marriage. Winter is just around the corner. Governments have created millions of dependents from those on whom it, itself, depends. I have no idea for how long they can perpetuate this economic charade, but I do know one thing for sure. Once the money runs out the fun does too.

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