UK: Sir Roger Scruton gets the Avi Yemeni treatment on TV, and is dismissed from Conservative party

This is a very important video as now, when we add this to what happened to Avi Yemeni on Comedy Central in Australia, we can safely say this is now policy and not the odd corrupt journalist or show.

Also note: Avi Yemini video his interview which can be seen as one long continuous shot with no edits, and social media has been banning his accounts everywhere so that the evidence of what was done to him on TV does not reach as many eyeballs as the edited fake interview does.

The media today deserves nothing short of contempt. People who agree to do interviews, especially on left wing shows like anything CBC or BBC should be on notice that they deserve what they get.

Many thanks to Paul Weston for this video.

(Scene, parking garage 1984 remake, working title, 2021, Ahmed meets George as George gets into his car:

Ahmed| George, I hear you are going on vacation for a week.

I am telling you this because we have worked together for 10 years.

You should know that when you get back, you will have been on several TV talk shows doing interviews where you are exposed as a racist and islamophobe.

George| But I will be in the Bahamas next week, I have no plans to do shows!

Ahmed| It doesn’t matter. They will create the image of you from existing videos and security camera footage. They would prefer you not be in the country when they make and broadcast these ‘live’ interviews.

George| But Ill have proof of where I was! Photos! Video! My wife’s testimony who will be with me!

Ahmed| Where will you show them? Your social media accounts are being cancelled as we speak. Any attempt to publicize your evidence will lead to hate-speech charges and as you know, in the West now, a judge is not allowed to look at anything which has been sealed as hate-speech.)

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8 Replies to “UK: Sir Roger Scruton gets the Avi Yemeni treatment on TV, and is dismissed from Conservative party”

  1. That is in fact a “call to war” as he can clearly see that NO peaceful revolution is possible with the media and the political class totally against you. It wont last long on YouTube. I used to be pacifist (until 14) but learned how ineffective it is when the enemy have no ethics and no conscience and. like him, I see now that war is the ONLY possible solution to this disease stifling, killing the west.

    • It is a call to war, the question is how many people are ready to 1) support the civil war and 2) fight the civil war. You need roughly 1/3rd of the people supporting the war and abt 3% or so doing the fighting to win a civil war.

      Next question how many of the military will support the rebels? How many of the police?

      • The UK military might be near >70% of rank and file but <10% commissioned while I have no idea of the police but a guess could be 25-50%. BUT the average Brit is far too self centred to give a damn as it might interrupt their TV or football and could stop their pizza deliveries. 10 to 20% at most is my pessimistic guess. It will start In the north as they are both tougher and more hard done by.

        • With that many of the military (senior NCO’s are as important as Commissioned Officers) they might be able to pull off a coup rather then a civil war.

          10% to 20% doesn’t bode well but if they have some leaders who know what they are doing they can draw more into supporting the revolution.

          “He either fears his fate too much,
          Or his desserts are small,
          Who dares not put it to the touch,
          To win or lose it all!”

          James Graham, 5th Earl of Montrose
          1612 to 1650
          Royalist General during the English Civil War

          My advice is to get good people who know what is happening and as the Motto of the 447th Regemental Combat Team says, “Go For Broke” (but it all into the pot and risk losing everything. the 447 was the Nisi (sp?) (First Generation Japanese born in the US) in WWII. The took more land and prisoners, suffered more causalities and were awarded more medals of valor then any other Regiment in the US military in WWII. When the US Army integrated the units they were the only unit that got to vote if they wanted to let Whites into their Regiment, the best regiment in the US Army.

          Go for Broke and try to win fast, you can always fall back on a long nasty war if you have to.

        • Remember you have to make the enemy react to you not you react to them, the side reacting is the side losing.

          You also need to remember that given the Governments control of the media anything smelling of terror tactics will backfire. But this is true for them as well as the rebels.

          I had better quite before I go far enough that we get in trouble.

  2. The Scruton affair is a classic example of the foxes turning on the lion. How fitting it should happen just before the near destruction of one of Europe’s great buildings.

  3. This has been a bad week for Western Civilization. Darkness is closing in. I hope like hell that Michel Houellebecq’s book Submission is not going to be prophetic like The Camp of Saints was.

    • See my reply to MIchelle above, remember it is better to die on your feet like a free human instead of living on your knees as a slave. Find people who know what they are doing to lead the fight or get the books that will tell you how to fight the war. (Just Remember the books are telling you the principles every war and battle is different so don’t be afraid to use different tactics while remaining true to the priniciples).

      <strong?DON'T GIVE UP AND DON'T LET YOUR FEARS DRIVE YOU TO SURRENDER. There never was a battle or war won where the losers didn’t have enough personal and weapons to win if their communications net and moral (both military and civilian) had remained high.

      The goal in every war is to destroy the enemies will to resist, not just the military but the civilian will also. In Korea and Nam the US and our allies had the war on the ground won but the will of the civilians and the politicians was broken and they snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory.

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