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9 Replies to “Paul Weston Interview Montreal March 8 2016, on the Orwellian nature of England”

  1. Denmark is Lutheran. According to Wikipedia, 25% of its people believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and 18% believe that Jesus is the Savior of the World.

    This explains a lot of things. How many Britons believe that Jesus is the Son of God? I suspect far fewer than 25% — and I contend that Britain’s loss of faith has contributed mightily to its population being adrift at sea in the face of the cataclysms their very own rebellion against God has produced and which Mr. Weston summarizes here.

      • They don’t deserve to have their children raped.
        They don’t deserve to become slaves of soulless devils.

        Thank you, yucki.

        No one does, save those who cheerfully promote the global exportation of this monumental pile of steaming excrement called, “Islam”.

        What awaits them is horrific beyond imagination. Too-fecking-bad! Eh?

        Again, thank you so much for all that you do, yucki.You are priceless.

      • They *are* slaves of a soulless Devil. This is a theological fact, if indeed they have cast off their only Savior from the terrors of hell — a foretaste of which they are suffering now.

        Will they repent of their unbelief? Will they bow humbly before God their Creator and only true lover of their souls and seek refuge in Him? Or will they like Adam and Eve hide themselves away in the bushes in an attempt to avoid God’s knowing eyes, as if they *could.*

        God sent His Son to save sinners — that means *all* of us!

    • Christianity use to be one of the shields of Western Civilization, during the communist revolution in Greece in the late 1940s it was one of the reasons the communists lost. After that war the left ratcheted up their low key attacks on Christianity. These attacks worked quicker in Europe then in the US and Canada but both the US and Canada are much further from being Christian nations then most people realize. Look at the way the Dems feel safe in trying to deny people positions in the Trump administration or seats on the Bench because of their Christian faith.

      In the US and Canada you find more open believers in the country then in the cities and I am willing to bet that the same is true in all of the European nations. The trick is going to be converting the non Christian Europeans to Christianity before they are converted to Islam.

      • I didn’t know that about Greece, Richard; that history and today’s prevalence in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc., of Christian peoples is serving them well in uniting against the totalitarian EU’s will to subvert those nations into Islamic incubators — as it’s proven this is what the EU’s will is for all of Europe.

        I follow Dr. Steve Turley’s regular YouTube vids to get some balance in my news intake in that he highlights the remarkable pushback against secular humanist governments, aka leftist/Marxist, that he sees rising among Eastern European nations — showing the way, as it were, to effectively countering the march to global communism.

        Diana West had an interesting post this past week wherein she shows that much of Islamic terrorism is being orchestrated out of Moscow. I’m still stunned by this assertion and think it’s a thread worth pursuing, testing, for evidence of such a link.

  2. Paul Weston Interview Montreal March 8 2016, on the Orwellian nature of England

    I, sincerely, have been brought to the point of so much supremely skeptical cynicism such that it is exceptionally difficult to believe how even George Orwell might have anticipated this degree of Britain’s (and the surrounding world’s) tumultuous, precipitous, light-speed descent into these innermost circles of everlasting hell.

    Where shall any mercy be found for splunging into this entirely avoidable insanity?!?

  3. To Paul Weston’s eternal credit:

    “I thought that Denmark may have a future because of Tania Groth”.

    No truer words have been spoken.

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