Interview with Tim Burton, who has been charged for the second time with insulting Islam

Those of you who listen to my monthly BlogTalk radio broadcast the last Tuesday of every month, will know Tim Burton who is the regular cohost along with Kel Fritzy, AKA Red Fox blogger on the show.

Tim is an articulate and knowledgable politician with Paul Weston’s Liberty GB party who I always enjoy listening to when we do these shows.

He has been arrested and charged for a second time because of a tongue in cheek email he sent to the highly dishonest manufacturer of fake stats, to support the “islamophobia” narrative, “Tell Mama”, pretending to apply for a job.

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9 Replies to “Interview with Tim Burton, who has been charged for the second time with insulting Islam”

  1. “Tim is an articulate and knowledgable politician…”

    I don’t see any evidence in this exegetic video. Nothing that teaches that he was, “wise as Muhammad and gentle as a dove,” but slinging Chistianity as a weapon of mud as Britain First parades Crosses in Muslim ghettos.

    All he had to do was present facts with logical reasoning to expose the fallacious when dealing directly with Muslims. And yet again he chose to insult the man’s vanity, (with a Western Parliament already full of similarly clad rogues of sexual and feminist rage who fear exposure), for just some smug satisfaction of outbullying the bully.

    Such an “articulate and knowledgable politician” has again brought the Stasis and Nazis to work together, to look into his computer for associates and contacts. For the ‘suicide by cop’ is the same martyrdom as ‘suicide by politician,’ and I dislike the whine of injustice from top to bottom for taking such a liberty.

    The Left and The Right and The Liberal. The Sactimoneous Three who seduce and ensnare the vulnerable with a sense of Pride they do not possess and want others to pay for.

    • Now take the non-politician, Pakistan-born Coronation Street actor Marc Anwar on Twitter:

      “He wrote: ‘F***ing Indians killing our #Kashmir brothers and sisters, beygairth Nawaz Sharif still sucking Modi. Lul!'”

      “Mr Anwar, 45, who plays the role of Sharif Nazir in Corrie, referred to Indians as b******s’ and ‘p***-drinking c***s’ on Twitter.

      On his account – which ironically says ‘it’s not what you say, but what you do’ – he also wrote: ‘Why the f*** do Pakistani artists want to work in f***face India? Do you love money so much?’ ”

      Now, I expect him to stand by his insults. They are genuine heartfelt Islamic teaching. He didn’t say to them, after he kicks them in the face and they retaliate, “is that the Christian thing to do?”

      All we see is one of the millions of Muslims hating to live in a kufar country, pretending on TV to be in a nice egalitarian Muslim family. The Socialist BBC’s taqiyya exposed.

      He should be London’s Lord Mayor. A Politician. An honest crook is always better than a dishonest one.

    • “How can anyone not insult the crime against humanity that Islam represents?”

      Then why target the flag and not the matador?

      Take for example, the finding one morning a big pile of dog-poop on your doorstep.

      The elected Mayor, charged with protecting the inferiority that Muhammadism created in all Muslims, calls for the extermination of dogs. To make the insult of marking their territory a fear of germs.

      The elected Mayor, charged protecting the guilt of envy that Communism creates, calls for the rehousing and welfare of all dogs to make the insult only that of deprived backgrounds – because ‘of course they wouldn’t have done it otherwise.’

      The Mayor protecting the fear-of-change that Racism creates, calls for the denegration of all dogs to make the insult that of inferior breeds.

      And all the dog did was poop.

      Islam, Socialism and Liberatianism; are just soft-fronts for creeping totalitarianism, taking advantage for stirring up and keeping alive fears in perpetuity.

      Who let the dogs out; who, who? Three different ways of controlling the masses through hysteria.

      Capitalists would have sold the fertilizer and reaped the advantages of free processed dog food.

      So, Islam was not here being rationalized and dissolved away to the big nothing that it really is – the man was being played; therefore Islam was kept alive, stoked up, and used as a pawn by all concerned; for you to sympathize with, and reward them for, their stoic bravery in fixing absolutely nothing. Watching the WWF as though a real fight. Deals under the table between them all.

      Vote for Peace – and you never will never get it.

    • ‘The Muslims are murdering again.’

      How would the Three Wise Men have you arrested?

      Muslim: “It is haram for Muslims to murder Muslims. It is halal to kill Shirks and kufar who are compassionately helped into Heaven so they will not to suffer Allah’s Eternal Damnation. Ergo, Muslims do not murder. This statement is a Hate Crime.”

      Socialist: “This is racist. It is a Hate Crime.”

      Libertarian: “If the Furher says islam makes better Whites, this is a Hate Crime.”

      The needle for infection only needs to be very small.

    • Hungary manhunt in Budapest blast that wounded 2 officers

      BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s police chief says that authorities are hunting for a man who set off a homemade fragmentation bomb that seriously wounded two officers in central Budapest.

      National police chief Karoly Papp said Sunday that police were the targets in the blast late Saturday, saying that the suspect “wanted to execute my police officers.” Papp didn’t say why the suspect wanted to harm police officers, but he didn’t rule out terrorism.

      Police offered a 10-million-forint ($36,700) reward for information leading to the capture of the suspect, believed to be 20-25 years old and 170 centimeters (around 5’6?) tall./strong>

      A 23-year-old female officer suffered life-threatening injuries while her 26-year-old male partner was also seriously wounded while they were on foot patrol. Both were recuperating in intensive care after surgery.

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