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8 Replies to “Paul Weston – Tommy Robinson & The Traitor Class”

  1. Wow!! Everything I feel in an eloquent nutshell. Thank you very much as my blood has been boiling since his incarceration.However these traitors will not surrender easily and IMHO will stop any possible peaceful revolution by the usual means and it WILL come to killing them and their muslim mates. They do not give a damn about the working class in the UK and neither do the socialists/communists who peddle the dream. Unless the working class can arise from their welfare, reality TV and football, a revolution will fail. The UK working class CREATED the empire by their blood and sweat. Let’s hope that they can also destroy this abortion of a state and finally regain true freedom. I can see no other way than blood here as the scum will not give up their comfortable ground.

  2. Yeah, Paul gave em both barrels (even quoting a phrase that got a friend jailed). Huge demo yesterday in London, Geert Wilders and other notables spoke, but the mainstream media talk about the Royal Family and Donald Trump.

  3. On the readers link I posted a couple of videos from Yesterdays London demonstration, the cops ended up trying to provoke a violent response and succeeded, Britain has indeed sunk into a left wing totalitarian government, their actions of jailing Tommy and trying to arrange for his murder as well as their attempts to cause riots by Tommy’s supporters are going to backfire. I am willing to bet that there are a lot of Madame LeFarge’s in Britain keeping track of the crimes of the ruling class and their lackeys in the police. Madame guillotine may end up shaving British necks.

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