Segments of VOX party leader in Spain: Well worth the watch

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Excerpt of VOX speech in Spain

There are only a few classically liberal parties left in Europe. The world for that matter. The rest are authoritarian/communist/fascist rebranded as Liberal/progressive/Democratic.

One of the few to actually hold the values of most parties a few decades ago in the West, is Spain’s VOX party.

Below is a segment of a campaign speech about where Spain is thanks to leftist nation-destroying policies. Also read details about the 5XWs at RAIR


VOX: Islam is incompatible with Western culture

VOX party spokesman gives blunt speech about the consequences of Islam within a Western nation’s borders

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The perfect example of Frankfurt School Discourse theory: Making opposition to govt. policy illegal

At a dinner once, I was given a licence to only say the word, “Dialectic” three times. After that, no dessert. So I learned to save it for the best uses.

This video below is a stellar example of the Frankfurt School’s Discourse theory. The way that works, is that a communist think-tank comes up with a concept they want to force onto the mainstream. They call that “a consensus”. Usually its to impose a pseudo-reality onto the public at the expense of reality. Often really obvious untruths like men can make themselves real women just by saying they are, and any attempt to stop them from all aspects of female life is a semi-crime.

The way this is done, is to make any opposition to the consensus, “hate-speech”. This is a form of dialectics. Targeted use of language and concepts to always force the culture farther and farther to the left. Examples are easy. Critical race theory. Critical gender theory. Global Warming, which if there was any honesty in the left, would be called, “critical climate theory”.

In this case, it was the Spanish Parliament. A VOX member was making the case that unbridled and massive illegal immigration resulted in certain kinds of criminality.

When he made this case, he was reminded by the president of that parliament, I assume equivalent to the Speaker of the House or Speaker of a British style Parliamentary system, that to equate immigration with crime was illegal and he must take it back and not do it again. There is zero consideration as to the truth or falsity, or even consequences to his claim. It’s that it is a claim that may not be made.

This would be because the plan is to flood the West with African and Islamic migrants with no vetting in order to prepare it for the death of all of its concepts of national identity and individual rights and replace it with an authoritarian essentially Marxist Leninist state, as they are preparing us for in Canada as well under Mark Carney and Justin Trudeau.

Normally the use of Discourse Theory is a little harder to spot. Slightly more subtle. Just real enough to make you sort of accept it while you get that increasingly familiar buzzing in your head from trying to accept what makes no logical sense. But this exchange in the Spanish Parliament was deliciously clear cut. Habermas’ Discourse theory perfectly applied in a Parliamentary situation such that no factual reference to the consequences of the massive invasion of Spain can be made. Not even it seems, pointing out that Illegal immigration is in fact, illegal.

Keep an eye on Stephen Coughlin’s Twitter feed. One suspects he will have something to say about this one.

Below, a refresher course on exactly what Discourse Theory is and how it is applied:

Please also see RAIR Foundation’s write up on the Spanish video


Powerful speech by VOX leader in Spain on China’s culpability for the Covid epidemic

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Personally Im starting to think the shift to China is a deflection from Canada and the US’ part in the development of gain of function of the Sars 2 virus.

There is some real mystery around the Canadian part as well. It seems that the government of Canada was served with a Contempt of Parliament for not releasing information on the two Chinese spies that were removed from the Winnipeg level 3 bio lab. (Why is there a level 3 biolab in the middle of a city? That should not be permitted in the first place)
The following is an excerpt from a National Post article which I have no idea how to link to, as it came in as a kind of email that I can’t click though or download.

So as much as we love VOX, there is more blame than just China here. Canada likely had a huge part in it, and as Canada still has crazy lockdowns, mask requirements and coercive methods to inject children with experimental gene therapies, and is making it mandatory for the military, Canada may be more central to whatever this plan is than a lot of other places.

Excerpts from recent VOX campaign speech

This speech is getting a lot of press. But very few translations.

Here is just a couple of minutes from this speech which was attended with a Trump like packed stadium. What we know is, given the chance at freedom and individualism, people gravitate to it in masses.

Direct link:

One example of why we must call propaganda what it is, and abandon the term, ‘fake-news’

Here is a good example of the kind of propaganda we are surrounded with, even drowned in.

Read this article from Foreign Policy magazine

It has been said that a half truth is the damndest of lies. The article linked above would be a good example. But its also a good example of why we must abandon the term, “Fake News” and call it what it is. Neo-Marxist propaganda. And I call it that because even without searching we are confident that Foreign Policy magazine would use very judgemental language when describing any action by Europeans or White people. And in fact they do, even in this article. While discussing The Reconquista in facially neutral language, making sure that neither side looks more or less just in its actions than the other, it has no hesitation to use harsh terms for VOX, who are the only non-socialist party in Spain at this time of any importance.

Most readers of this site will likely not need to be told what the Reconquista of Spain was truly about. but in a nutshell, it was about reversing the stunningly brutal conquest of Spain by muslim forces. Forces that were so harsh that their commander in one wave of attacks, burned their own boats when they hit the shores of Spain, saying “Either we conquer Spain, or we die trying. Their is no going back”.

For centuries they created hatred and division amongst the people of Spain in order to more easily rule it, treating the actual Spaniards as “Dhimmis”. Something between a peasant and a slave. One can read about the facts of the time in the authentic writings of Moses Maimonides, if you can find them. Much of what passes for his writing, thanks to the works of tens of thousands of Winston Smiths, are pro-Islam forgeries.

Below,are videos of excerpts of a recent speech by the leader of VOX discussing the real situation in Spain and Europe.