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4 Replies to “Senior member of VOX party in Spain busts the issue of mass Islamic migration in the legislature”

  1. That’s a good speech, to the point, but unless something is done by the Spanish People themselves, POINTLESS.
    The Reconquista of Spain from Islam is being reverse by those in Power.
    The next Reconquistas will have to remind themselves about those, again and again.
    In my humble opinion,
    Those who forget their own History, haven’t gotten a Future.

    • They’re not having babies. More people are dying than are being born. Churches are empty till they’re converted to mosques. Arabs own vast properties, have massive investments in banks, industry – everything.

  2. What a nightmare we are all living in. Canadians are forced to watch as their country is rapidly gifted-out to the Third World just as Spaniards are forced to watch the same thing happen in their country. No matter what anybody says or does or no matter how much the people object there is this great invisible overarching power that has been going on for decades and always wins every argument and suddenly another 50,000 Pakistanis enter the country along with another 50,000 Chinese, and if you dare to even talk about it you are immediately labeled a “racist” and are completely vilified and ignored. And this process never ever stops and the rents keep going up and the whites keep moving toward becoming hated persecuted minorities in their own countries…

    • Vox is the exception.

      Spain has been running left for forty years. They’ve voted “free stuff” and abortion, coasted on foreign direct investment from oily sheikhs. Anti-America, anti-Church, anti-Israel, pro-multiculti.

      Like Greece, Spain has suffered significant brain drain.

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