One region in Spain is at least honest about mandatory vaccinations

In Canada and elsewhere to avoid some of the fallout from those who dared predict that once they had a fake cure for a fake pandemic that it would become mandatory, many governments are launching devices now familiar to recently communist states, where word games and legal inversions are used to get around basic rights and freedoms.

One is reminded of the words of Canadian Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, who once said, “Getting taxes is like plucking a goose. The trick is to get all you can without them squawking too much”. It appears to be the same now with taking our rights and freedoms.

So Western nations have launched initiatives like vaccine passports, and lists of things you cannot do, like buy food, or leave your home area and return to it and maybe even have your personal information shared on data bases for all to see in the new form of the yellow star, the great unwashed, the ‘unclean’. These would be legal inversions in our view. They don’t outright say you must take the RNA experimental gene therapy treatment, but that if you do not, you will suffer loss of basic rights. Much like if you say you do not have to go out on the street and mourn for the death of Dear Leader, but if you don’t you will spend 3 generations in a Gulag and while you can choose your own mate for that next generation, if you don’t let the guards do it for you, they will probably rape you and hang you from a tree.

So in a horrifying way it is somewhat refreshing to see a region of Spain actually just come out and say that the vaccination is mandatory. At least then the citizens have a clear choice. FIGHT tyranny and depose the tyrants, or submit.

Please see the Rocco Galati video where he gives examples of the more subtle forcing of vaccines and why governments must never be trusted.

Please read the details over at RAIR

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  1. If the governments of the Western World were in the least bit on the level about the so-called COVID-19 virus they would not have discredited hydroxychloroquine and killed thousands of people just to spite Donald Trump, which is what the murdering psychopaths did. Anybody who can’t see that is blind as a bloody bat. The “pandemic” is a hoax, folks. Another straight-up long game scam, made from whole cloth, conniving, lying, deceitful hoax. I hope they get the guys behind it before I die…

  2. “With him, every customer really is a king

    Jihad Hjair, Modehaus Leffers and the German Employees Academy (DAA) have now been honored. In 2015, he fled Aleppo with his family and moved to Wilhelmshaven in 2016. Now he is the best exam taker in his training as a salesman – despite the language barrier.”,10,2154318933.html+&cd=4&hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=de

    How confidence inspiring. Who would get the absurd idea that the name says it all, and that he is a ticking time bomb?

  3. Thoughts on the Red Coated Menace to People, inc.
    A Society of Laws obviously must have some way to enforce those laws, and round up malefactors under the law. Fine. Super. One alternative to that is Africa.
    Pass, thanks. We are trying to do better than savages setting savages on fire.
    Another alternative to the first is some variant of marxo-fascist authoritarianism, and all the good stuff that rides in on that. Fascism is characterized by corporate-state partnerships, imposed by jackboot.
    Today, on top of the massive taxation(CRA agents also have a fcuk-ton of guns, and other cops on call) apportionment that pays for the RCMP, the state police and state secret(forgot about csis, dinnya) police are self-described service providers. They have a business model where contract services are provided to state, civil and private agencies, and the RCMP are paid for those services. The RCMP refer to this as their revenue stream.
    The more people beaten, detained with out due process, shot, left to bleed out in the street, tasered, gassed, truncheon’d, swated, informed on, dogs shot or children flash-banged…the larger the bill presented to the ‘customer’ for those services; who then contract with the taxation einsatzgruppen to collect more taxes to pay that bill.
    The RCMP has it’s own rule book – the police services act – and is not under any sort of lawful, civil control. It is controlled by an appointed policeman who is only beholden to the RCMP. Read the fine print.
    And it produces revenue. It is a very profitable state within a state, and it is largely in control of itself.
    You pay coming, going, and in the middle.
    Let us not forget the corporate head of this hydra.
    Police agencies are the third largest arms customers on the planet, and corporations that run, supply and support police/prison/nationalized health and indoctrination activity are among the most profitable on the planet.
    Most government agencies are now run on this business model
    The police man itself goes along way out of it’s way to pull on those boots, and strap on that gun. He is a lavishly($86K- $126K+ in a few years) paid volunteer who is poorly screened and selected, unless you want thoughtless goons. Briggs-Meyers testing…it just gets worse. His training is great for producing uniformed, armed, frightened, thoughtless jackboots trained in stormtrooper school of marksmanship tier reflex shooting, and given total immunity.
    Hilarity ensues.
    The policeman, in canada, is what, then, exactly?
    ‘Your Government’ looks like what sort of system?
    The police man deserves no love or respect for being the iron boot and mailed fist of a fascist state.
    I did not sign on for this, consent withdrawn.

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