Powerful speech by VOX leader in Spain on China’s culpability for the Covid epidemic

Please read the details and related videos at: Rair foundation

Personally Im starting to think the shift to China is a deflection from Canada and the US’ part in the development of gain of function of the Sars 2 virus.

There is some real mystery around the Canadian part as well. It seems that the government of Canada was served with a Contempt of Parliament for not releasing information on the two Chinese spies that were removed from the Winnipeg level 3 bio lab. (Why is there a level 3 biolab in the middle of a city? That should not be permitted in the first place)
The following is an excerpt from a National Post article which I have no idea how to link to, as it came in as a kind of email that I can’t click though or download.

So as much as we love VOX, there is more blame than just China here. Canada likely had a huge part in it, and as Canada still has crazy lockdowns, mask requirements and coercive methods to inject children with experimental gene therapies, and is making it mandatory for the military, Canada may be more central to whatever this plan is than a lot of other places.

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  1. Oh, the canadian part…in this attack on both of my countries.
    I am Right-Hand-of-God Angry, and not feeling disposed to any warm-fuzziness towards leafs.
    How about a pivotal role in this? From Trudeau’s wholesale dumping of this nations gold reserves in ’15 to the PRC, enabling the enormous PRC money laundry and money pump formerly known as the left coast, keeping the countries law’s and courts from investigating or sanctioning the devastating Chinese rapine that has turned a so-so region into an unlivable, hostile occupied territory, the PRC-canada biowar connections; and the centerpiece of the whole attack: his trudeauness accepted a payment to the ‘trudeau foundation’ of $245 million, from the PRC, in return for signing off on the sale of Dominion Voting Systems to the PRC in 2019.
    Describing this treacherous greasespot as a War Criminal is not hyperbole, viz:
    Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy. High Treason in Time of War. Sedition in Time of War. Attacking The United States in the most Craven, Cowardly manner Without Formal Declaration of War. Waging undeclared Biological War on Global Civilian Populations.
    Denying medical treatment and the necessities of life to civilians under the States administration. Willful Criminal Negligence or Willful Malfeasance by imposing Ultra Vires and Authoritarian impositions, regulation, restriction and violations of basic Human Rights and Civil Liberties causing wide-spread Civil disruptions, hardship, poverty and mortality.
    The enormity of the crimes boggle the mind, and the willing complicity of the ‘citizens’ terrifies the soul, and stains this nation in blood.
    As a citizen of both of these nations I would not shed a single tear if Ottawa was nuked off the map tomorrow, in retribution, and this country deserves worse.
    Were I in a leadership position in the US today, I would be demanding, at nuclear gunpoint, a gunnysack containing the heads of the entire sitting government of canada, including the coalition and official opposition parties. I would probably insist that every card-carrying liberal/NDP/PC/Green/Commie party member and voter in the country be be flogged.
    Then We’d nail up the gallows, and get on with Nuremberg 2.
    To this end, I have been forwarding copious documents pertaining to these issues, and other treacheries, to my (R) State Representatives, Senators and Congress Creatures. Unlike canada, not all of those are useless, pussified, time-serving tapeworms, and at long last, the RINO’s have hefty bounties on their hides.
    Word is getting out, and I will do everything in my power to help bring down righteous fury and fire on the heads of those responsible.
    This means YOU justine, and banana-head.

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