A detailed look at how VOX, the last hope for Classical Spain, won big in Catalan

Spanish politics is a little complex. Various regions can be fairly autonomous, somewhat like the US, and have altered their demographics to achieve political outcomes as we have come to expect in say, Minnesota for example.

In this RAIR Foundation article, a clear and excellent summary of the basics of Spanish politics is made which allows us to put the VOX party win in the region of Catalan into perspective. And its no small victory given the demographics of the region, and the tactics employed by Catalan Left and Islamic groups.

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  1. Muslims see Catalan independence as a way to gain the first muslim state in Spain since the reconquest. I haven’t looked recently but a couple of years ago this was often stated on their websites. Nice to see that the locals have woken up. BUT even if Vox gains a majority anywhere it will be undermined as now the cheating die have been cast successfully and we will see them used everywhere.

  2. Vox isn’t inherently attractive to catalanes. This looks like a gesture in the context of a pathetic situation.

    Los catalanes suffered generations of far right repression. When they were forbidden to speak their own language. When three kids in a dorm figured one had to be an Opus Dei informant.

    Their parents and grandparents taught them to defend freedom of expression with every fiber of their being. They won’t tolerate a reprise of censorship, right OR left.

    But unfortunately, these movements serve as cats’ paws for islami/commies. Sometimes even fringe nazis.

    Like the IRA, they get used and used up.

  3. Great history lesson.

    I was reading a story about the city of Trappes, France. It is over. There are Islamic hotbeds everywhere. Even the Mayor is Muslim and pro-Salafist.

    A guy named Didier Lemaire, a philosophy professor, has resigned. His entire classroom is Islamist and Jihadi-friendly students.

    The city of Trappes has a population of some 34,000. Back around 2015, 77 of its citizens went to Syria on Jihad.

    VLAD: If you’re interested – I’ll do a general translation of the text, but not the lengthy videos. There is a summary of his exact words in the text.

    • We did the video of the interview with that teacher, who calls himself centre left. Its pretty weak considering the facts. I hope to post it soon.

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