Info-thug bullies Hungary’s top diplomat on behalf of globalist, EU

This is great watching. Journalism as propagandists and enforcers for globalist-communist agencies like the EU, UN, Democrat party US etc. are becoming increasingly transparent as such. My favorite part is where he denies that the EU is blackmailing Hungary, and then restates the exact terms of the blackmail.

Thank you Kalloi for sending this in.

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5 Replies to “Info-thug bullies Hungary’s top diplomat on behalf of globalist, EU”

  1. Legacy media projecting political policy into a rebellious country. A Hungarian referendum means nothing, says the BBC mouth. Brussels’ will is all that matters. No better example of the borderless globalist mindset than this statement. National and local representation of the people of a country is subordinated to the European Union–at least this is the ultimate goal.

  2. Always a pleasure to see Péter Sziijártó being interviewed; whatever the outcome, seeing people like him who can hold their own against the leftist media gives me hope for the future.

  3. All these people pushing LGBT on kids remind me of closet pedophiles.
    It’s a great interview and kudos to the Hungarian who kept his calm, he’s great.

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