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9 Replies to “North African immigrants violently trash a trendy tourist street in Spain. Police do nothing.”

  1. It wasn’t just the police that demonstration a total lack of effective professionalism. What about all the non-enrichers, hearty males that simply stood by, raising their beer glasses and hooting at the mayhem. ..effectively permitting the destruction to continue? Were these vacationing males going to cower if the young attractive females were threatened too? That video provides a very sad, nay, alarming statement on the depletion/absense of adequate amounts testosterone in Spain – visitor or native.

  2. Who gives the police their orders? What are their ROE? While the bosses sit in their offices, controlled by the Eurocrats/Fourth Reichers, how are the police meant to act?

  3. Not that it’s terribly important, after all, it’s just another shade of brown that covers the same cargo, but I think I mostly saw subsaharan africans, not north africans.

  4. cassandra ROE is or should be a military term not police, although given the current mess it is probably correct, in the west the ROEs for the police are to avoid shooting at all costs. That is one of the reasons we have so much crime.

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