When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result:

An original translation by Carpe Diem

From P.I. News:

When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result: In Herne/Germany a DHL courier has recently delivered parcels dressed in costume that allegedly represented Saint Nicholas and greeted his customers with the familiar “ho, ho, ho”. Many of his customers appreciate this nice gesture especially in the weeks before Christmas, something he had done in his district for years. Now, a “customer of a different faith” (guess which one) has complained because his religious feelings had been offended. DHL and police have now asked the courier to leave off the garment.

Many citizens are indignant. The founders of our Constitution certainly had different thoughts referring to religious freedom. But it gets even better: The postman didn’t even dress as Saint Nicholas but as Santa, Santa, who has nothing to do with Saint Nicholas or religion at all, since he I simply the advertising figure of a well-known soft drink brand…
One obviously cannot expect citizens of a specific religion, appeasing DHL board and docile police to understand such “subtleties”.

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And it still gets better: Last year DHL couriers had a badge on their jackets reading “Official Partner of Santa”. So, a marketing gag is regarded as discrimination within a year. Amazing how fast hostile take-over of our country proceeds.


Translation: Carpe Diem

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  1. I complained about my muslim postie delivering mail with a scarf wrapped around her face, so that no-one could see who she was. I complained to the post office, but didn’t even get a reply.

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