French police shot in urban violence

The Australian:

  • AAP
  • August 25, 2012 11:20PM

FRANCE has suffered a fresh outbreak of urban unrest, with three police officers wounded in an attack by a crowd firing shotguns and lobbing petrol bombs.

Two of the officers were wounded by shotgun pellets and the third by a firework used as a rocket in the incident that began late on Friday in the Grigny suburb of Paris, police said.

The unrest began after a police unit broke up a fight between around 20 people. The officers were set upon as they returned to their vehicles by a crowd, some of whom fired shotguns and threw petrol bombs.

Riot police were rushed to the area and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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8 Replies to “French police shot in urban violence”

  1. Once again the screaming mustards flexing their muscles, they need a lesson in tolerance something the west is becoming more and more towards those that want to rule the world

  2. We know here on this site that europe in time will fracture into sharia and none sharia areas. I once believed people would wake up but know i think only civil war will change things. There is a chance that countries like France and others will lose to people who are willing to blow themselves up for virgins. The moral decline in the west towards moral relativism, the ideology of the liberals will bring down democracy. Sadly it may come down to china to save the west not out of compassion but for financial reasons. Muslims as we all agree and has been shown bring nothing but hate . I for one do not trust any of these current political parties to save us from Islam . They would rather live as slaves to islam for short term gain or their stupid ideological dreams.

  3. Hk tony two things, 1) the civil wars are much closer then most people realize. 2) Don’t count on the Chinese, their economy is in much worse shape then the western economies, they are just manipulating the figures to make it look good. Also they are being very aggressive towards mineral rich areas, trying to muscle in and steal them so they will have something to sell as manufactures flee China. They aren’t going to rescue Europe, but if they think they can they will try and conquer it.

  4. Anne von Kanada all of Europe is on the brink of a civil war, if you think things are bad now wait until Israel attacks Iran.

  5. True not only Greece and France all of Europe. But the thing is there is something to be said for the way the Chinese handle the uyghurs they just tackled them all. There is a better way to skin a cat.

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