Arabic Rapper Says U.S. and Israel to Blame for Palestinians Not Sending Man to the Moon

You know, in a way they may be on to something. After all, from all accounts, the only thing taught in Palestinian schools and universities is the making and launching of rockets.

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The Blaze:Palestinian Rapper Says US and Israel to Blame that Palestinians Not Yet Sent Man to the Moon

Hip hop group DAM, with Tamer Nafar in center (Facebook photo)

A Palestinian musician is blaming the U.S. and Israel for the fact that the Palestinians have not yet been able to send a man to the moon.

Tamer Nafar of the Arabic hip hop band DAM says the group’s latest album was inspired by the contrast between NASA’s space exploration and the digging of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. He tells the pro-Palestinian website Electronic Intifada that the “occupation” and the U.S. are to blame for hindering Palestinian space exploration ambitions. He does not mention that Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and that Hamas – defined by the State Department as a terrorist organization – now controls Gaza, not an Israeli “occupation.”

In the interview, Nafar describes the inspiration for DAM’s new album Dabke on the Moon. Dabke or Debka is a traditional Arab line dance (Emphasis added):

Well, once I read an article about some NASA experiment on the moon, or in space, I don’t know, but they created some kind of a spaceship that goes to outer space to do something. And on the same day, I read an article about the people in Gaza digging tunnels. I didn’t feel comfortable with these two opposites. They are exploring the galaxies outside of Earth, and the Palestinians are digging tunnels — it’s the opposite direction.

Of course we want to go to the moon, but we cannot do it with the occupation. And who’s responsible for the occupation as well? America, the USA. They are sponsoring billions of dollars every year to make us dig under tunnels. I didn’t like it, and it was a sad song at the beginning. How come we are digging tunnels and they are reaching outer space?

Nafar also blames Arab dictators for restraining the purported Palestinian moonwalking dreams:

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  1. How much education does this fool have? This is so stupid it is almost funny, and anyone who believes him is even more ignorant.

  2. Allah does not want Muslims to go to the Moon. Allah is shitting himself about Muslims going to the Moon. According to the Prophet Mohammed, Allah split the Moon in two, but Allah was lying to Mohammed. Allah does not have the power to split the Moon in two and the Muslims will see that the Moon is not split if they go there.
    Allah is worried that Muslims will see him for what he is – not the great Wizard, creator of all, but the timid little man behind the curtain!

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