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5 Replies to “Chief Islamic Judge of PA: We Want to File Suit against Britain for Balfour Declaration “Crime””

  1. I going to give myself a cardiac reading and watching some of your posts. This another Muzz that makes my blood boil with anger.
    However, I am now adopting a new strategy…. deep breath…..
    Just look at his sad, ugly little Muslim face and tell yourself never to get angry at the poor,delusional, mentally ill.

  2. as if islam is free from blame.
    what a shame the musturds only read the koran.
    narrow minded can not cope with the big wide world.

  3. This video braids threads of current events together in a more coherent pattern. Understand the muslim hijrah (invasion) concentrated in England is but another layer in the jihad these muslim scholars intend to humiliate the West with.

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