Adding the missing puzzle piece on Obama’s peculiar lexicon

Often, when consistent observations do not fit any acceptable theory, the public or pundits will feel they have to make up a complicated puzzle piece that allows observations to fit with an accepted paradigm. Authority hates a vacuum and humanity hates an unknown. And often one can tell that this was what took place because the solution is clumsy, counter-intuitive and impossibly complex.

One of my favorite examples of this was the Catholic Church propagation of the notion of ‘retrograde motion‘ of the planets to try and explain why, when observing the motions of the planets, they did not always move in perfect circles around the Earth as the legally mandated theory of the day insisted they must, but instead, occasionally moved what appeared to be backwards for a bit as their orbits around the Sun were viewed from the  Earth. The Church at one point had a giant clockwork machine made that more or less replicated these motions to show how they happened in fact.

(To the Church’s credit, they allowed observations to be made and attempted to adjust their model to account for these observations and even though conclusion based reasoning is anathema to science, it is still an order of magnitude more valuable than Islam which kills the observer when reality fails to reflect belief.)

Once the theory was changed from an Earth centered universe to a Sun centered solar system within an arm of a spiral galaxy, pretty much all observed motions of planets and stars fit theory near enough to perfect for accurate predictions to be made.

Since President Obama took office in 2008, he has been very consistent in the way he refers to, and mandates that others refer to Islamic obligatory jihad. In fact he has removed those words not just for himself and his staff…

…but from the FBI lexicon to the extent that it is accepted by many that the Boston Marathon bombing occurred because all the references to jihad, umma and other Islamic terms connecting a terrorist act to the two brothers had to be dismissed according to rules Obama set out for the FBI.

In some cases, the narrative out of Obama’s mouth himself have crossed the border of the ludicrous attempting to avoid any connecting terms between horrific acts and the muslim religion.

Now the observations of Obama, his senior staff, and instructions to law enforcement are too consistent and too similar to be dismissed as anomalous. And so now, enters the ‘retrograde motion’ attempt to explain it without changing any dearly held beliefs.

Political correctness is likely the most popular explanation, that in Obama’s post-modern world-view, islam is a ‘full house’, at least in Obama’s politically correct poker score-card and so he seeks to dissociate it with what it obviously teaches, believes, and acts on. Or, that he is enacting a grand strategy we mere mortals are just too stupid to understand so we just have to roll with him on this as things get worse and worse everywhere.

But what if we add in a new theory that allows for his behaviour without any complex mind twists to make it sort of seem to work?

Let’s see what happens if we plug in the Islamic definition of slander, quite a specific concept and not that akin to our own at all.

Robert Spencer on slander in Islam

In Islam, slander is anything which makes islam look bad, especially to an outsider and wholly irrespective to the truth of the claim. In other words, anything which is said which may give another person an unfavorable view of islam, no matter whatsoever the truth of the claim, is legally slander in islam.

The moment you come to understand this, Obama’s words and that of his senior staff make perfect sense. He is observing and applying the Islamic definition of slander. This is not to say he is a muslim, he may or may not be I have no idea other than one can bet the actions he will take will favour Islam uber alles. But certainly, as he was raised in a madrassa in Indonesia for most of his formative years, he knows that definition cold and if one examines his speeches, words and actions in terms of what can be said about Islam, such as (famously at the UN) “The future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam” down to his instructions to the FBI., it suddenly becomes clear, easily understood and utterly contortion free.

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  1. Another dot to connect to the other dots (his actions) the picture formed is not a pretty one and I know some of the readers think I am paranoid for saying that he is working to destroy Western civilization. Fine I am paranoid but what other explanation fits teh picture form by connecting the dots.

    • His darling little foot sure fits perfectly into that glass slipper, doesn’t it? It’s like, “Oh, it’s superman. Somebody call Clark Kent and tell him his pal is here. Gosh golly! I coulda swored he was here a minute ago…”.

  2. Using troops and planes, 3 African nations battle Boko Haram (yahoo, Feb 4, 2015)

    “Three militaries, using ground troops and warplanes, fought Boko Haram on at least two fronts Wednesday with hundreds of the Islamic fighters reported dead as the conflict took on a growing international perspective.

    Chad’s army said its troops were attacked Tuesday in Cameroon by Boko Haram, the Nigerian extremist group that has slaughtered and kidnapped civilians and has had the upper hand against Nigeria’s military. The Chadian troops’ response underscores other African nation’s newfound resoluteness to combat what they perceive as a regional threat.

    “Our valiant forces responded vigorously, a chase was immediately instituted all the way to their base at Gamboru and Ngala (in Nigeria), where they were completely wiped out,” spokesman Col. Azem Bermendoa said on national television Tuesday night.

    More than 200 extremists and nine Chadian troops were killed, he said.

    On Wednesday, hundreds of Boko Haram fighters driven out of Gamboru crossed the border and attacked Chadian military posts in Fotokol, in far northern Cameroon, residents and military officers said.

    Cameroonian troops mobilized to join the Chadians in confronting the invaders, resident journalist Ledoux Blaise Mal Moussa told The Associated Press by telephone. The ongoing battle was confirmed by Cameroonian military officers who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to reporters. Most Fotokol residents had weeks ago fled the town which Boko Haram was using to resupply.

    Meanwhile, warplanes from Nigeria and jet fighters and helicopter gunships from Chad pursued a bombing campaign that has forced the Islamic fighters from more than a dozen towns in northeast Nigeria where Boko Haram declared an Islamic caliphate in August.

    This week’s military actions mark the biggest offensive against Boko Haram in its more than five-year history and come as Nigerians prepare to vote in presidential elections Feb. 14 that are expected to be very close…”

  3. Boko Haram kills dozens in rampage after Chad offensive (yahoo, Feb 4, 2015)

    “Nigerian Boko Haram fighters went on the rampage in the Cameroonian border town of Fotokol Wednesday, massacring dozens of civilians and torching a mosque before being repelled by regional forces.

    The onslaught came a day after Chad sent troops across the border to flush the jihadists out of the Nigerian town of Gamboru, which lies some 500 metres (yards) from Fotokol on the other side of a bridge.

    Chad’s army said it had killed more than 200 Boko Haram militants in the intervention — the first by regional forces against Boko Haram on its home ground. But some of the insurgents escaped, it added.

    On the Cameroonian side of the border, the Boko Haram assault on Fotokol left nearly 70 civilians and six Cameroonian soldiers dead, a local security source told AFP.

    There were also Boko Haram bodies “everywhere,” the source added.

    “Boko Haram inflicted so much damage here this morning. They have killed dozens of people,” Umar Babakalli, a resident of Fotokol, told AFP by telephone….”

    • What a load of rubbish. Is it really an anything or all pact?
      How about we start with labeling meat as Halal, Kosher or other? That way the market can decide. I am willing to bet that halal meat would take a huge plunge.
      There would still be Kosher and Halal butchers but the rest of us infidels would be able to make a choice.
      I find these kind of essays to be quite annoying as there is a reasonable solution but our politicians won’t employ them. MARK HILAL MEAT AND KOSHER MEAT AS SUCH AND LET THE MARKET DECIDE.

      • The left hates the idea of the market deciding anything, in fact they would rather the west were destroyed then let the ordinary people have any say in what happens.

        • But UKIP is right-wing, isn’t it?

          It may not matter, for some it’s going to be lose-lose. If you read the news article (linked in the essay), UKIP is prepared to accept the loss of vulnerable minorities as “collateral damage”. Throwing me under the bus doesn’t bother them much.

          I do understand. War takes a toll. You’ve got to be realistic and tough-minded. The UK should never be mistaken for the USA. Their historical identity contains the Church. It’s their flag and their bangers and mash.

          The USA has core values, Judeo-Christian values, a whole order of magnitude different.

          This is not idle speculation. People over there – Europe – are asking themselves and us – and me, personally – “Should we pack it up?”

        • They may be right wing but they may be leftist who want the British culture and people to survive, I would have to know some of them to tell.

        • As far as I’m concerned, the Jews of Europe should shake the dust from their feet and scoot. But it’s easy for me to say.

          These days the Jewish Agency’s stated policy is to be more honest about what people will find when they make aliyah. “Immigrants by choice” from Western countries with professional qualifications might be happier in the US or Canada.

          There are other options, including “Boeing Aliyah” for those who can afford it. The objective is rescue, bringing warm Jewish bodies to populate the State is still a central goal, but rescue has a more ample scope.

          Volunteers like ^me^ will help them with logistics and support connections wherever they choose to go. That’s heresy but not everybody can handle Israel. Refugees learn to cope, but even Sabras emigrate. (Though most return during wars either to fight or provide ancillary services.)

  4. Enforcing the understanding of slander in Islamic law is not only a matter of protecting the reputation of Islam but is instrumental.

    It facilitates the advancement of Islam on both global and domestic fronts, of course, standard Islam.

    But an ancillary advantage, really more a technique, is the way it forces a monstrous lie down the throats of non-Muslims. We can choke on it all we like but we can’t do much about it. Better to try swallow it as so many have.

    If Obama can get away with mesmerizing the already rabidly-delusional Obama faithful into chanting that evil is not merely relative, but that evil is actually good and good evil, and bribing the bribable and squashing the rest of us under the weight of this massive, massively improbable lie, there are no constraints. He can say or do anything. The Bergdahl exchange is one example, almost pure surrealism. Who is to say what is real? Reality is an illusion. The second suggestion, the fantastic supposition that Obama ‘is enacting a grand strategy we mere mortals are just too stupid to understand,’ may be held by more people at this point than the explanation by political correctness.

  5. Commenter cfbleachers provides a partial list of known Obama mentors/ influences/ associates/ funders that makes a helpful reminder what some of the other puzzle pieces are. All of the individuals and organizations are discussed at Discover the Networks:

    The Nation of Islam

    Louis Farrakhan

    Jeremiah Wright

    Rashid Khalidi

    Ali Abunimah

    Bill Ayers

    Carl Davidson (author of CyberRadicalism: A New Left for a Global Age

    The Midwest Academy (Training organization that teaches radical activists the tactics of direct action, targeting, confrontation, and intimidation)

    The Gamaliel Foundation

    Alice Palmer

    Frank Marshall Davis

    Don Warden (aka Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour)

    The New Black Panthers

    George Soros

    Edward Said

    Richard Cloward / Frances Fox Piven

    The Socialist Scholars Conference

    James L. Cone (founder of black liberation theology)

  6. The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised

    Factor 1*: Personality “Aggressive narcissism”

    Glibness/superficial charm
    Grandiose sense of self-worth
    Pathological lying
    Lack of remorse or guilt
    Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric)
    Callousness; lack of empathy
    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    Factor 2: Case history “Socially deviant lifestyle”

    Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
    Parasitic lifestyle
    Poor behavioral control
    Lack of realistic long-term goals
    Juvenile delinquency
    Early behavior problems
    Criminal versatility

    *Factor 1 has been correlated with narcissistic personality disorder.

  7. The Muslims choose to pretend to be offended and upset when anybody “insults” or “slanders” their beloved prophet, but the whole thing is nothing but a big phoney act. They’ll burn down a mosque and destroy a hundred Qurans trying to get at a rival sect, so there is no veracity to their claims of being “offended”. The thing that actually scares the Muslims isn’t Infidels spreading “slander”, it’s anybody speaking the truth about Islam. If the world were to find out what a despicable criminal Mohammad was, and what a blueprint for evil his Quran is, the religion of Islam would shrivel up and die like a salted slug. That’s what they’re afraid of – the truth – not their dead Prophet’s hurt feelings…

    • That’s how this White House has been fiddling Israel and Bibi.
      Staging adolescent hissy-fits, strident accusations, back-room deals with shady creatures and thugs.

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