Berlin: man stabbed because of the Cross – perpetrators probably Afghans

An original translation by Hellequin GB with much thanks

From this German language article:

Typically Berlin:

After almost 11 weeks, the police published two phantom images for the search.

The two wanted, attacked a man who was wearing a chain with a cross.

The attack happened on September 11, 2017 near the Neukölln S-Bahn and U-Bahn station.

Neukölln, especially the north, is considered a Muslim zone, where many obviously still do not speak the German language, even after many years, more headscarves than in Izmir, plus this provocative macho culture on the streets and in public transport, which signals,

“We own here everything ”,“ what are you looking at me for”.
An adventure trip for anyone that shows up with Christian symbols.

On September 11, the 23-year-old was approached by the two men at around 10 p.m. near the Neukölln S and U-Bahn station.
They noticed a cross hanging on a long chain around his neck.
After they asked him why he became a Christian, one of the attackers tore the young man’s chain off the neck and threw it on the ground.

Then he hit the victim in the face several times with his fist.
The second man held him while the other attacker cut his upper body with a knife.
The men then fled, leaving the 23-year-old injured.

This is how the suspects are described:

The first suspect (photo left), presumably an Afghan, is between 27 and 30 years old, around 177 cm tall, has dark hair and a full beard.

The second perpetrator (photo on the right) is also between 27 and 30 years old, about 173 cm tall and has a beard. He’s probably Afghan too.

The police can receive information on the following telephone number 4664-953315, or on this telephone number 4664-950130 or any other police station. […] Source:

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