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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Armenia war update”

  1. Videos I posted today:The Armenian PM is asking the US to join Russia in putting pressure on Turkey by WION

    The Frustrated Indian is saying that the Azari forces had bombed a Russian position. Despite the calls for funding I still think this is an Indian Propaganda Channel. So far I haven’t caught them outright lying but they do get a step or two ahead of the facts at times.

    Unless Russia intervenes Armenia will loose, there isn’t an economic reason for Russia to intervene but if TFI is right and a Russian positin was bombed that would be a reason for intervention.

    One of the reports I posted today says that Armenia/Russia has been shooting down Turkish drones and probably with some type of electronic interference weapon. The pictures didn’t show any damage from missile or bullet strikes that I saw.

  2. I’d think it less evil if this was a military site….. Then we could blame this on “Pentagon Weevils”……

    And lets see if this one gets mem holed by WP…..

  3. and, this TOTALY weird…… on my tablet, both of
    Eeyore’s and my comments appear blank… but when i boot my linux system they appear……

    And Eeyore, I’ll try that (now that I SEE your comment)….

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