Islamic orthodoxy on Christmas and its greetings

Here are three of countless examples of Muslims explaining to their faithful how to view Christians and Christianity. More importantly, how to treat the heartfelt friendly Christmas greetings, and how to feel about those expressions of neighbourly good will.

On this site we have documented many since we started this effort over 12 years ago. The temptation is to write these off as minority or extremist opinion within the religion. Just to channel Sam Harris for a moment, if these people represent the extreme of a religion, doesn’t that make the fundamentals of the religion the problem? Extremist Buddhists filter their water so as not to kill a microorganism that may live in it. This is an extreme version of Buddhist concepts of not causing suffering to living things.

Quoting Harris directly: “The problem with Islamic fundamentalism is the fundamentals of Islam”.

Think of these three examples of authoritative clerics as representing those fundamentals. One of whom, is in British Columbia.

1. Analysis: Extremist Victoria imam seems to be “running amok,” says B.C. Muslim leader. “If he is defaming Christians and Jews we strongly condemn that kind of language.”

December 17, 2020

[…] A militant imam in Victoria who openly calls Jews, Christians, atheists and free-speech advocates “filthy” and “evil” is causing distress among Canadian Muslims, and there are calls for him to be prosecuted for hate speech. […]

Kathrada has made international headlines before, including last year when he called Christmas a “false festival” and said it is worse for a Muslim to wish someone “Merry Christmas” than it is to engage in adultery or murder.

And he is continuing with his online denunciations.

A Canadian human rights organization that has been tracking Kathrada’s online sermons for years has been pressing for him to be prosecuted for hate speech.

“There must be consequences for years of relentless hate and incitement against Jews and others,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive of B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish service and advocacy group.

(It must be noted that neither he, nor any other imam or Muslim preacher in Canada has ever been taken before the Human Rights Commission, despite the fact that they would be a bullseye for what the commission is alleged to be doing.)

2. Hamas Official Ahmad Kulab: It is forbidden for Muslims to congratulate Christians on Christmas

3. For details on the following video, please check RAIR

This man is not a lone individual and is not speaking about individual views:

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6 Replies to “Islamic orthodoxy on Christmas and its greetings”

  1. The third video: Jackpot. A double Zebibah.
    All supporters of Zebibah guys should be followed by authorities.

    B’nai Brit: big problem in that they want to suppress free speech. Thus, how to detect danger if it is censored? It goes underground and festers only to emerge even more powerful and dangerous.

    Islam: I don’t know of one Muslim that doesn’t hate the Jews. They keep it real quiet. Only through inner circle infiltration do people understand how dangerous Islam is.

    I know Muslims that migrated to our nation to escape Islam only to have Islam follow them here. In schools, Islam infects their kids. I speak through experience. Need I say more?

    • All supporters of Zebibah guys should be followed by authorities.

      Western intelligence services could use that tip. They lost the plot when “Countering Violent Extremism” took the Islamic Global Terrorism portfolio.

  2. Way back in August of 2006, the Imam at the Papineau Mosque said, “ God kill all against Allah. Fight the Holy War.”

    Saudi scholar Mohammed Saliheen Al-Munajjid, popular in Canada explains why Allah turns “some of the children of Isreal” into pigs and apes and how this term is related to the Quranic verse “those who have evoked Your anger.”

    Osman Haji, Imam Sahaba Masjid Mosque, Edmonton:
    “ Who are those that earned the wrath of Allah? …… They are the Jews…..Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry at them and turned them into monkeys and pigs.”

    Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, London, Ontario, Canadian leader of the Muslim brotherhood offshoot, Hibz it-Tharir: “Pigs and monkeys is what I call the likes of Netanyahu, yes, he is much worse than pigs and monkeys. I’m trying to be nice actually.”
    Muslims owe Canadians nothing.”
    “Canadian soldiers are war criminals.”

    Imam Hussein Amer Quebec Council of Imam: Qur’an 2:65
    Allah punished the children of Israel by transforming them into apes and pigs because they committed a major sin and did nothing to prevent it. Only those who warned of committing the sin were saved from being punished. The sinners survived only 3 days in their new form of animals before dying without leaving behind off-springs.”

    July 1, 2014, Imam Mostafa Saad Hannout Masjid Mosque Toronto:

    “O Allah show Your kindness to our Brothers in Gaza. O Allah give them victory over Your enemy and their enemy. O Allah take revenge against the grandchildren descendants of apes and pigs.”

    Imam Al-Andalous Islamic Center, Montreal:
    “Oh Allah Count their numbers; Slay them one by one and spare not one of them.”

    same mosque different Imam
    Jerusalem is Arab and Islamic and the Jews are descendants of mongols.”

    Ottawa Imam Abdu Albasset Egwilla
    “Martyrdom in the name of Allah.”

    Why did Justine’s Liberal government spend so much time and money on M-103, the hate speech motion introduced by Muslim member of parliament, Iqra Khalid? It has NOT stopped the hate filled rhetoric the Imam and Islamic scholars are spewing.

    • Oh Fred, I have always believed in Santa, nobody told him I moved and that is why I never got my Porsche. Merry Christmas and thanks for being there.

  3. Everybody agrees that muslims are s**tbags who have no business among us. But it’s the globalists who are funneling them by the thousands into the western world.

    Globalism is what China calls their brand of communism. Their state newspaper is even called “The Global Times.” All globalist politicians are getting rich as hell by collaborating with China and working to tear down western societies. If you truly want to stop the scourge of muslims and africans into your homeland, you MUST confront and defeat the globalists first.

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