Muslima sues Disney Corp. for possibly most entitled reasons of all time.

This is quite stunning. Imagine you were low man on the totem pole at a multi billion dollar entertainment corporation that employes tens of thousands of people world wide.

Now imagine that you had been working their a while as a character in a specific costume.

Now imagine that you sent a message to the head office saying that despite the conditions of your being hired, you demanded that they change the costume you are paid to wear for one you decided you wanted to wear for whatever reason and instead of them telling you to go blow yourself or ignore you altogether, not only do they get back to you in a matter of weeks but they actually say yes and allow you to modify your costume your way with a slight alteration to keep it in the character of the job and instead of being stunned by the largesse of this huge company, you sue them for not accomodating you perfectly the way you want. So in fact, that you no longer are representing them, but that they are now paying you to represent what you want to the public.

And for that you sue them.

This should be an interesting court case. As it has exactly nothing whatsoever do to with religious accommodation.

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11 Replies to “Muslima sues Disney Corp. for possibly most entitled reasons of all time.”

  1. Disney made 1 mistake. They allowed her to wear the hijab in the first place. I listened to the lawyer and all I heard was blah blah blah blah. I guess it wasn’t important.

  2. ramjetejmar

    Disney made the mistake of hiring her. Period. Maybe they’ll think twice about hiring muslim slime in the future.

  3. Hasn’t this happened to Disney before or is this the same case? I don’t understand how these muslims keep winning these cases under religious discrimination when wearing the head covering is a personal choice and not a religious mandate. If it were a mandate, all muslimas would be wearing them.

    This is a scam that forces sharia compliance on America and wins big bucks to put toward future lawfare intimidation to make us tow islam’s line. One would think a good lawyer could put a stop to this garbage.

  4. WPF:

    To be honest, I think it doesn’t matter a hamsters droppings if the religion mandates it or not. If you CHOOSE to belong to a religion and then CHOOSE to obey whatever mandates go along with that then you also CHOOSE what matters more. Your job humiliating yourself for kids at Disney or your religion. It is that simple. The idea that because people make certain choices for whatever supernatural gobbledegook they may decide is in their interest forces the rest of us to change everything we do to suit it is obscene. It is a travesty.

    Its like saying that I chose to marry that girl but she has to obey my religious choice to sleep with whoever I want cause my cult tells me I have to do that. Sorry, the marriage happened under certain terms. Don’t like them? Then don’t take the job or marry the girl or whatever.

  5. Just another triumph of idiotic irrational “religious beliefs” over reason and elementary common sense.
    Will this appeasement of delusional cultist crackpots ever stop ?
    All our “judeo-christian” zealots should seriously think about this, because they are siding with the enemy way too often …

  6. “I don’t get why they always win.”

    Simplistic thinking on the part of the judges.

    They want to be sympathetic to the minorities. But it will backfire on them when no one hires them then they need to set up quotas which again backfires on them.

    They are just PHD idiots. Pathetic Helpless and Dumb

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