Asylum seekers throw themselves deliberately in front of cars

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Austrian Website

In one case the driver of the car was cited for involuntary manslaughter.

Witnesses show that the men last saturday in the innercity of Klagenfurt intentionally threw themselves in front of cars.

First Incident:
One driver was looking for a parking space at Domgasse, when suddenly a man walked right in front of his car, as witnesses report. The car drove at walking speed, hence the Iranian asylum seeker remained unharmed. According to witnesses the accident was outright provoked by the Iranian. And yet nonetheless, the driver of the car was cited for involuntary manslaughter.

Second Incident
Saturday as well in the St. Ruprecht area in Klagenfurt, a man made a police report for property damage. The driver reported that a man deliberately jumped on the hood of his car. The suspect could not yet be found.

It is speculated that both men were out to make a quick buck damages for pain and injury.

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5 Replies to “Asylum seekers throw themselves deliberately in front of cars”

  1. I once saw a Mexican on a bicycle intentionally crash himself into the rear fender of a passing car in a Mexican neighborhood in Chicago. Fortunately, the car driver kept on going and the Mexican picked himself up off the street, much to the amusement of his friend, also on a bike. I presume the friend was there as a “witness” to corroborate his buddy’s scam. Just another benefit of illegal alien diversity.

  2. in the uk it`s called cash for crash , invented 15 years ago by the paki muslim population , as 90% of false claims are by paki muslims [ed uk ]

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