Baby killing butcher wins compo over jail’s halal failure


Sunshine Coast Daily:

A LOGAN baby killer who chopped up his newborn daughter has won a controversial $3000 compensation order because a Maryborough prison failed to prepare meals in accordance with his religious requirements.

News Corp reports  that former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali was fed a vegetarian diet for four months, instead of specially prepared halal meat.

Halal food needs to be blessed, slaughtered, cooked and stored to strict rules.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Ali, 60, was discriminated against on the basis of his religion and ordered the State Government pay $3000 compensation into a trust fund.

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21 Replies to “Baby killing butcher wins compo over jail’s halal failure”

  1. The issue isn’t about what Ali did to enter prison and even his beliefs…. I think it’s about the fact that whilst in prison, the prison system has a responsibility to provide proper food, medical treatment and conditions. They didn’t do that and he sued them – fair cop. discusses the abuses of prisoners at places like Wolston Center where Ali once was and their claims are factual. Don’t conclude that our prisons are decent places staffed with those who like prisoners – it’s not the case.

  2. Screw Halal.

    Halal is somewhat similar to kosher food practices from which it is no doubt related or derived from

    A year or two I saw it as innocuous. But providing jobs to people who will then turn around and spend the money to kill us, is just way too much. On top of that is is cultural imperialism.

  3. Fair cop? I don’t imagine somehow there are many jails in the ummah catering to the delicate dietary requirements of imprisoned kafirun. He should be thankful he got vegetables those four months.

  4. @ Richard

    That is a very bad, nasty ideal. do you want to see grown men cry?

    Can you see a Muslim being sentenced to jail and being sent to an all muslim jail? If they have no dhimmis to intimidate or convert, they will be bored. You know what that means. All those how many angles can dance on the head of pin questions until you can find a reason to tear the other guy a new one.

  5. HIS human rights what about his daughters human right to lead a normal peaceful existence without being subjugated to being torn apart by the hands of her own father?
    Scum like this should be stripped of his right to have a whinge and be thankful that he gets to live for a few more years in comfort while the infidel tip toe around him in case we upset him some more.

    • Prisons are NOT supposed to punish. Prisons are supposed to remove a person from their families and normal life, and by doing so inflict the punishment of imprisonment. Prison IS the punishment – you are not in prison to BE punished. You people have got it wrong.

    • Infidel brotherhood say “in prison these scum get more rights than if they were free”….. You know that isn’t true – so why say it? If you want to be better than them, then give em their food – and then we are. In a muslim prison he’d eat garbage – if he was alive at all. That makes us better than them anyday – get it? And if a govt can get away with treating aussie citizens in jail like rubbish, one day they’ll use those same tactics on the rest of us. discusses govt abuse and corruption and always, they practice on detested and imprisoned people first. Look at that Dennis Ferguson, remember him? He was blind, impotent, nearly 70, 5 feet high and about 45 kilos and the media and govt made up all the hype about him – and they fooled most of you! read a bit people and learn what your govts are doing to us all.

    • re Paul says: What silly rot. What does talking like that do? Just proves you don’t have any answers or opinions – other than silly ones.

  6. If I didnt mean it then I wouldn’tve said it, they do get more rights in jail, prisoners are now demanding pc’s/playstations, better food, day release,..they get cheap cigarettes cheap everything who cares if they locked up as Richard said “If they can’t do the time they shouldn’t do the crime” so why treat them as royalty…I worked in the juvenile detention system and the same kids were coming back time after time, why? Cause life was better inside than outside.
    Get some real information before relying on some copped up website.

    • Your remarks about “getting more rights in jail” are just rubbish. How can prisoners have more rights than us? Nonsense. As for cheap cigarettes and cheap everything, that is rubbish also. I have in my possession a recent buy-up form complete with prices and prisoners DO NOT get cheaper food, sweets, coffee or cigarettes than the rest of us. Nor are they “treated like royalty”…. that is also an exaggeration. Life is NOT better inside than out – perhaps for one in a thousand, but really, your hysterical claims are quite silly. I worked in a prison – three in fact and I do know. As for the “copped up website” that you criticise, the creator has some 25 yrs experience in the prison system working and doing low level legal work and applications. Sounds to me like if you lot keep repeating the same bulldust over and over some people might start to believe it – but you don’t have the facts – just the fallacies. Keep reading the website and learn from those who DO know..

  7. And the more you bleedin hearts keep hiding the truth and supporting the crims who commit these horrendous crimes like what ali did who gets his knickers in a knot over vegetables while his dismembered daughters body lies buried is beyond belief, if he didn’t like the veges maybe he should think about what his daughter would be eating if she was alive so he should be thanking his lucky stars he is in an Australian jail and stop his whining and do his time with what he gets for dinner.

    • Hi,

      If you put commas and full stops where they should be, I’d be able to understand your remarks a little better and you’d sound believable. We do not support the crims – we simply detest what the govt and hromu often do to them. If we allow Govts to treat crims that way, it won’t be long before they treat all of us that way. Take the bike groups for example….. they all thought bringing in tough new laws against sex offenders was fantastic and they applauded it – then the laws came in and were used to crush the lives of sex offenders. After that, the govt turned their attention on the bikie groups. Now they are suffering under the same laws that just 3 yrs ago they thought were fantastic! So be real careful what you wish upon others because it often comes back to bite you. The bikers learned it the hard way and serve them right. You guys and girls should know that you catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar.

  8. I see a lot of people commentiing have never studied any criminology, if they had they wouldn’t be repeating the 1960s ideas, ideas that have been tried and failed every time and place they were tried.

  9. Re Prisons you are saying the same thing I did just in more detail, do you honestly think you are saying something different?

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