Australia joins Iran and China as nations that don’t trust their electorate with information

I just got word that all of, Jihadwatch, and Blazing Catfur cannot be accessed in Australia.

Neither can the White House site to gather info on people who have been deplatformed.

This is one dark dark day for Western thought and democracy.

Australia should be treated with contempt, defiance and shame.

This site has suggested many times that readers get and use a VPN at all times. Its maybe 5$ a month or less if you buy blocks of months. Often less than $3.00 a month.

Nord is a good one as is AIR VPN but there are lots. Find one, learn to use it and you will not have these problems.

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  1. I use Opera with a built in VPN.

    From England, I don’t yet need it much – just for some US sites that won’t serve pages to IP addresses in the EU, because of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

  2. Normal people must demand and fight for normality. When they start using VPN, then it is absolutely sure that they can accept conversion to Islam if the government demand it.

    • NORD was endorsed by someone to me. I signed up and paid through their secure server. But I was never allowed me to download the software or anything further. It took me a week to get a refund from them. Their support did absolutely nothing to help me but instead gave me the general run around. I should’ve known from a company who’s headquartered in Panama. I got the impression they just didn’t want to accept the discount available to those using the code discount by the person who endorsed it to me. Or maybe it’s just that trying to do business with a company in Panama is like trying to do business with one based in Nigeria.

  3. Not only can the government make conservative voices disappear they can do it in such a way that nobody even knows it’s been done. For instance, I looked up “Solomon Islands” the other day on Google and was presented with a list of a hundred articles all proclaiming “climate change” as the sole culprit and causer of all hurricanes and floods and storms with not one opposing article being presented at all. And who in Australia is going to stick up for “JihadWatch” after the government has labeled it a far-right extremist hate group and banished it without a fair hearing? I can hardly remember Alex Jones already. They can turn you into a “non-person” exactly like they did in Orwell’s 1984. How many Canadians would even know if this site was suddenly unreachable? It would just disappear like a stone falling in a pond – one little ripple then gone forever and the story wouldn’t appear in any mainstream venue. They have done everything but shoot Faith Goldy and I am not aware of any law she has broken or any hateful words she has ever uttered. They are a bunch of Goddamn Nazis if you ask me and they would appear to be inching toward total victory…

    • You are partially right, they are Nazi’s who are trying for total control.

      For the other half I am going to paraphrase Trevor Loudon. He and others from New Zealand and Australia came to the US to fight the communist takeover of the world because the US is the lynch pin, keystone of freedom (at this point in time) if the US falls every other nation falls. But if the US remains free the other nations will regain their freedom.

      This is a global struggle being fought in individual nations and hearts and way too many people are concentrating on one small theater of conflict and thus thinks that the entire war is going the way that theater is going. In Canada the communists look to be winning but look at how the nations of Europe are moving towards populism and freedom, slowly but moving. Look at the far east, Burma and Sri Landa are kicking their Moslem minority out of their nations.

      This is a long war, decades if not generations long we have to keep fighting if we are to win, because if we give up and surrender darkness will fall on the world for Centuries.

      Yes communism and Islam are winning some of the battles, including the important battle over Civilization, they have destroyed Civilization. This is part of our problem, they know civilization has been destroyed and are acting accordingly, we on the other hand are still acting like we live in civilized nations and are fighting like civilized people. Trump is showing the world that we are in a fight with no rules and that we have to fight to prove the crimes of our oppressors.

      We fight to keep freedom alive even when it looks like we are losing or we surrender and ensure that the next 10 to 20 generations of people will be slaves.

      I refuse to let the future generations become slaves, FIGHT DAMN IT FIGHT.

  4. the bittube airtime app had also a so called vpn integrated now.must work but this is not a real vpn i think(im not an expert)its more a proxy like in the opera browser.

    for vpns-dont trust all,a free vpn from africa?never!
    also use a country with good private laws,i think Iceland is the best,also Switzerland.they dont gave infos fast to the gover.

    • Also in most cases, just changing your DNS to public DNS in advanced internet settings, gets you by most censorship. I tested that by setting up a friend’s computer in Australia that way last night and suddenly she could see Blazing Cat fur tht was blocked before. Worse, it did not say why.

    • From what i have been able to tell so far, its 2 ISPs in Oz that have banned Bitchute, Jihad Watch, and Blazing Cat fur. Not ALL ISPs just yet. I meant to update my post with that new info. Thanks for the heads up. Can you tell me which ISP you use?

      • I’m with Optus. I read Jihadwatch, and your site, through a newsfeed app. I’ll keep an eye on it through the browser just in case they do block it.

  5. I just tried it through Safari on my iPhone, which is connected with Telstra, and had no problems with Jihadwatch, so that covers the two major ISPs.

        • Thanks
          Here is how it looks to me so far:

          Blazingcatfur is still blocked to a lot of people according to reports, but it seems JW is coming back on line.
          The method used to block these sites appears to be connected to the ISP assigned DNS. If you use a VPN, even when its off, you have the VPN assigned DNS so you can likely still access these sites.

          Last night (for me) I watched a share screen as a friend in Oz was trying to access BCF. She COULD see JW and Bitchute though, but she was not on one of the reported major ISPs.

          I walked her through a DNS change and lo! Suddenly she could see BCF but I saw her error before on multiple browsers, so I am confident it was blocked, using something I am told is called, “DNS poisoning”.
          I don’t know how that works. I know how to get around it though.
          Public DNS numbers or your VPN assigned ones.

  6. There is a simpler and free solution instead of VPN.

    In one word the solution is DNScrypt.

    The Domain Name System (DNS) has got an Encrytion extension implemented in the protocol. This makes it difficult for the ISP to intercept your websites look ups. Ever since I have been using DNScrypt I have no problem visiting sites that were blacklisted by censors.

    Once DNScrypt is installed you will not use the local (ISP or country) specific look-ups for websites.

    If you use Linux operating system or the Macintosh the installation is not hard.


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